Hello! Here I’m going to explain how I critic and rate every track/single/recording that I will publish. This also includes weekly features about certain albums/projects that I want to feature.

I’m following a 10-point-10-criterion system in which there are 10 criterion that equates into /10 scores. The sum equals to 100.

LyricsIs it essential, urgent and groundbreaking?
InstrumentationIs it well performed, creative, unique and/or complex?
Rap/Sung VocalsIs it a well performed and delivered singing or rapping?
Musical DirectionIs the song’s direction precise, artistic, creative and/or groundbreaking?
Song StructureIs the song’s structure creative, artistic, well-structured and/or groundbreaking?
CohesivenessIs the song well transitioning an from one part to another?
Record MixingIs the song too compressed or mixed very accurate?
Song CadenceIs the song ending on a great step?
Musical StyleIs the style suitable, relevant, well-done an/or artistically groundbreaking?
ProductionIs the production done by the members? Is it well produced?