The 11th GMF have recently concluded and to be honest it was a turn of events no one even predicted. The 2020 GMF proved that the virus had no impact on award shows and as such it continued to award highly-acclaimed and accomplished acts in the Korean music industry.

The Gayo Music Festival have always been dubbed as the Cannes of K-Pop. The infamous name always sends a signal that the award season have started and it is that time of the year again for petty fanwars and such about who really deserves the Grand Prize (Daesang). This year is no different, I bet many people will question the National Jury’s capability of scoring. As Golden Child emerged as the victor of this new-normal GMF edition.

11th Gayo Music Festival (GMF 2020 Nominees)

Golden Child (Winner)

The nominees are such a star-studded lineup and probably the last in the Gayo’s career run. TXT clinched their 2nd consecutive nomination (a boy group first), which proved to be a big win in Big Hit as they might continue this trend of so-called ‘TXTOBER’. SEVENTEEN and TWICE were also nominated which steps up their industry advantage and with SEVENTEEN clinching its’ 1st nomination, they have now elevated into the S-level status. NCT also proving that polarizing hip-hop are good enough to get in.

Which then brings us to the victor Golden Child. This is very funny, but in the past 4 years, rookies have always won a GMF. A.C.E, Stray Kids, TXT and now Golden Child. That brings us to an interesting topic then again, does Golden Child deserve its Daesang?

To answer that we must retrospect, is Pump It Up on par with songs such as Hello, Everybody, The Boys, 4 Walls, Callin’ and Run Away? Time will verify, and at the end of the day, the Jury must’ve agreed that “we must pick a decision wherein there will be a few people disagreeing with it.”

Pump it Up had high critic scores to begin with, an 84 on TrackScore. This puts Pump It Up to major nomination status at the Golden Tunes, Music Critics’ Circle and the holy grail of K-Pop acclaim, the National Insider Awards.

Previously, Golden Child won the NIA for Best Pop Song for It’s U in 2018, ever since that clinch, they have been looked upon by pop experts and pop industry people. Recently, they went to Road to Kingdom but was unfortunately eliminated. Even with these struggles, they remain as one of the most critically-acclaimed pop groups in this era.

With this what would you think would be this year’s Golden Tune nominations? Will they follow suit? or completely surprise and obliterate us? Stay tuned this November 6, for the Golden Tunes Nomination Review.