Experiments may succeed exponentially, but when they fail, they fail miserably.


AB6IX’s new song is awful, very awful. It tries to be creative yet it isn’t actually. It tries to impress you with techniques but it is actually simple. AB6IX’s new single isn’t the AB6IX I was expecting to. This song is tremendous need of a good help from somebody. Somebody who knows AB6IX well and works with them well. The recording doesn’t feel right.

The mixing wasn’t the usual well-done and clear sound, the mastering was slightly different also. It troubled me a lot. The brass is not complementary and hardly fits the styles of like alternative hip-hop. It fells short, just like how MCND, CRAVITY, and others are doing the same. It is just not the well-produced track I was being used to.

This is my first critic off of my new blog yet I am ranting here. This is just ridiculous. This is mind-mindbogglingly preposterous and bluntly bland attempt to be artistic. Where is the soul? An artist needs a soul to send its message. This track has no better points, it just has many flaws to begin with. Is this a shout-out to CIX who also ruined 2020 for me? Well it is going bad.

Rapping was bland and meh. I cannot even stand it. The rap flows in the 2nd verse just reminds me of Southeast Asian sh*t rap/hip-hop, I was listening when I visited a long time ago. It was super lousy and bland as ever.

Few positive points are the actual guts of Rhymer (CEO of Brand New Music) to experiment, it may have not worked for me but maybe some will like it.

Rap/Sung Vocals7
Musical Direction4
Song Structure5
Record Mixing6
Song Cadence7
Musical Style4

Rating: 3 out of 5.