DRIPPIN may not be familiar to the Korean general public nor some general K-Pop listeners. They may not have sales as big as TREASURE or CRAVITY. They may not have clinched a Melon 24Hits entry nor decent downloads. But can they prove their worth critically on their high-octane electropop debut single, ‘Nostalgia’?

What does the critics have to say?

Nostalgia benefits from an incredible chorus. The refrain rushes in with great intensity as the guys sing in unison. It’s a two-pronged hook, each segment as catchy as the other.


The rest of the song isn’t as cliche as it might seem. But regardless, Nostalgia was a great first step for DRIPPIN.


The chorus is the one place where the group’s vocals come together for a funk assault in two phases, which is, er, “nostalgic”.


Not only is Nostalgia easily the years strongest debut, but it’s also one of the strongest tracks I’ve heard all year.


My thoughts on Nostalgia, is that it is formulaic. Not a good start to my critique isn’t it? Well for a moment, a question was springing in my head, was I listening on an INFINITE comeback or a Golden Child-rehashed song? Well it has no uniqueness and creativity in Woolim’s part. As I’ve seen these mega-high octane pop records from them back-to-back-to-back, it is very hard to not notice that one. But regardless, it is still a better debut than any debut in 2020.

The record is a powerful and intimidating debut. This is a song that would be remembered as the debut song of the year. DRIPPIN may not be as veteran as their other contemporaries but they are powerful, and mightier than them. As 2020, is full of mediocre, half-baked, moody trap records that have no space in memory. DRIPPIN saves 2020 from the abyss of death.

Rating: 8 out of 10.