YooA is the going to be winning the Gaon Chart Music Awards’ Song of the Year – September in 2021, as Bon Voyage was the best performing song that was released in that month in South Korea. With YooA entering the most streamed songs list in YouTube South Korea on September, only behind BTS’ worldwide #1 hit, Dynamite. It feels like widespread acclaim? Or is it?

What does the critics have to say?

There’s no point in making a solo debut unless you’re going to do something different, and Bon Voyage arrives with a character all its own.


I did wish it was longer, so more charm could have been exuded from the song. But despite that, what Bon Voyage already had done before the final chorus was enough to warrant a positive review.


Though the rest of the reasoning is legitimate, the song is a breath of fresh air in 2020.


She’s one of the best performers out there and while Bon Voyage isn’t the kind of infectious dance pop I was initially expecting, it’s one that’s a near perfect match between artist and song.


My thoughts on Bon Voyage, it is healing, wonderfully healing your cries and the anger of the mobs. It is the perfect song of pure soul cleansing this year. In a year full of anguish, ailments and nonstop mobs, Bon Voyage soothes the pain. A pain reliever from a great artist.

This songwriting and composition is one of the best this year and the best in the Korean alternative scene. This is a song full of artistic merits, full of health and well being. A song that should be heard everywhere in the world. The musical direction is one the greatest of 2020, even topping some major acts.

This is a major Song of the Year contender, and a critical darling. This is the song that the critics have finally found. Bon Voyage is a once in a lifetime event. A widespread acclaimed song done by a debut act.

Rating: 9 out of 10.