After months of await, and loneliness, fromis_9 have came back.

What does the critics have to say?

The actual chorus is not quite as exciting, but the entire track is so tautly constructed that it hardly matters.


Whilst Feel Good is track filled with funky guitar riffs, the track is interestingly not as retro as I had hoped for.


The cute vocals distract you from the great production at times, but boy the chorus hits hard.


Thankfully, Feel Good knows its strengths, continuing the delirious retro inspired goodness of its instrumental throughout the track. It’s all great stuff and a fantastic return to form for fromis_9.


My thoughts on Feel Good, it is OK. The song is what I have been expecting for, it is very CJ E&M production quality which feels plastic to me. But it actually works. Now, IZM has stated that they love this song. To be fair, there is nothing special about Feel Good, but it stands and stays to its production quite nicely.

I will quote a comment from the infamous site, they said:

When I think about it, I wonder if there was an idol group that has maintained the focus of “songs that can be heard well by the public” as much as this team.

[and] This song is also true to its keynote. If [compared to] the previous work, “Fun” approached more trendy with dynamic beats and addictive frays, the difference is that the shape of the song, which is being developed with the melody at the center, is based on the universality that appeals to more people.


They seem to like the simplicity of the song and called it on par with DAY6’s critically-acclaimed masterpiece ‘Sunrise.’ They both have the same “melodious chorus and the following passage of “nanana”.

It seems to work to their advantage, being praised by IZM is no joke as only a few people have clinched an 80 in their site. Feel Good is highly-praised not for groundbreaking production but perfect production.

Rating: 8 out of 10.