SEVENTEEN had a great October. Selling more than 1.2M physical copies of ‘Semicolon’ in just a week after release, SEVENTEEN is now a part of the S-level tier which comprises EXO, and Wanna One. They have also done a ton of promotions, appearing in JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, and many Radio and TV spins. They have had a great comeback.

The general public is also jumping the hype train by placing HOME;RUN, #8 in Gaon. With this unparalleled level of success, are they still the king of performance in Korea? Or has it changed?

What does the critics have to say?

I’ve personally never been a huge lover of big band elements in pop songs. [But] The production bounds forward with confidence. It’s theatrical and fun, and knows exactly what it wants to accomplish.


A swingin’ track that really proves SEVENTEEN’s versatility and performance potential.


The chorus, on the other hand, is a tad bit one-note. It could so do with a better emphasis on the excellent instrumental.


With Home;Run, Seventeen have crafted one of the years most enjoyable singles and have returned with an absolute showstopper. It doesn’t get better than this folks.


My thoughts on HOME;RUN, it is a vibrant pop song that holds up to standards. It’s chorus are so SEVENTEEN-esque but unlike any other SEVENTEEN production I’ve ever heard. This with the song structure and musical direction is a great record. All going north.

SEVENTEEN adds their own style to it by incorporating theatrical dance choreography. Thereby, adding a little shock factor and wow value to its performance. That still solidifies the title of “Kings of Performance.” The song delivered what many CARATs may have want, a much fairer distribution and all of that qualms. It may not be the best SEVENTEEN record, but it is certainly topping Left & Right.

Rating: 8 out of 10.