TWICE had well let us just say, an under-performing comeback this time around. Only selling about 280,000 copies on Hanteo. That is just saddening compared to their upward track earlier this year. It under-performed pretty obviously on Melon, reaching only Top 25 in 24Hits. Even so can they still charm the critics? or maybe not so much?

What does the critics have to say?

I Can’t Stop Me also sees TWICE unveil a sleek performance, dialing down the quirkier side of their vocals for a more sophisticated delivery.


Together, they might have done this intentionally to fit the style of the song, so this might go back to stronger instrumentation to amplify everything else in I Can’t Stop Me.


The chorus has a go for broke energy and does not fail to disappoint. It is not the best chorus of this style… but it is better than most choruses this style, and drives this track.


Had it carried just a little more “oomph”, I think it would have really shot I Can’t Stop Me into the stratosphere.


My thoughts on I Can’t Stop Me, it lacks something, in its chorus. I cannot actually sense what that might be, but there is something lacking and it actually almost fell short, fortunately it was saved by vocal adlibs, and the classic JYP magic.

Even though the chorus energy isn’t as high as some K-Pop production can do such as ICY or DALLA DALLA. This is enough already to I guess suffice the hunger of ONCEs. I just felt the song was actually good after many listens. It was very frustrating, nonetheless it isn’t the worst but just could’ve been better. Fortunately, I got used to the song and managed to grasp the direction they wanted but failed to go to.

Rating: 8 out of 10.