TXT released a new full length Japanese album today. This will be my first time reviewing a Japanese single/project in this blog, so I might be very amateur on this, but I have listened to popular acts like Kenshi Yonezu, LiSA, ARASHI, King Gnu, and Official Hige Dandism.

Let’s continue, so this is TXT’s continuing venture in Japan, the world’s 2nd biggest market. Force is a force I expect to swallow and make me partial on this site. I have high expectations on what this is going to be. This was also produced by Mrs. GREEN APPLE. Can they do it with FORCE or is it just another mixed bag like Can’t You See Me? Let us find out.


The lyrics mostly dwell on the storyline of World Trigger. I would say it is a great OST to begin with. It has the typical lyrics of what you would find in a good OST. Indeed, it might not be the most poetic but it is what it is.

The problems mostly arise from the ultra-forced and super tight vocalization of the members in the chorus and the awkward delivery of the first chorus arrival. It wasn’t ear smashing but it kind of makes the song a bit awkward. But I still love the meaning of this song and the energetic instrumentation this has.


The instrumentation is purely J-Pop to its finest. The drums, guitars and even the arrangement is beautifully written and constructed. The staccato drums and the freestyle e-guitar section of the bridge really stood out from the whole song.

The only gripe from here is the awkward juxtaposition of the different instrumentations from Big Hit values. It seems that the mixing and the autotune (for the first time I complained about it) watered down most of the power in this track. Nonetheless, I prefer it more than Blue Hour but maybe not as impactful as Run Away.


At first I was conflicted because I didn’t like the very low quality sound coming from Spotify. I had also noticed how it was very compressed and autotuned. But when I listened on other platforms, I discovered more out of TXT’s FORCE.

I appreciate the group’s power vocals, it really shined. Although, I wished the instruments were more forward as they were the complete highlight of the production. The group did amazing and the production is one of TXT’s best to date.


As an OST for World Trigger, an anime about fighting a being called Neighbors, which hates traditional systems (so to say, conventional). With that, I approached this track as experimental and daunting.

FORCE is surprisingly unconventional. even for TXT. This finds TXT very Japanese in song delivery and techniques. The staccato chorus and unpredictable nature of Mrs. GREEN APPLE’s songwriting rather helped TXT bring out something in this track. It was something I was looking for, something new.

Rating: 7.75

TrackScore: TBD

Producers: Slow Rabbit, Bang Shi-hyuk

Songwriter: Motoki Omori