I don’t listen to American boybands, neither heard of Why Don’t We, but this time I’m going to try it. This is a collaboration and remix version of the group’s new song released in September 2020. I hope this one isn’t as bad as the other Western collaborations in K-Pop, especially 2nd generation bad.

Also I noticed that Why Don’t We has released many versions of Fallin’. Even maybe more than Dynamite. Well at least the US tries. But well it doesn’t work for me.

The original track is great though. It drives a great amount of cohesive energy. For that I praise it. Of course I can hear autotune. Well it is prevalent anywhere. Everybody uses it. Although some parts would be more powerful without it though. But again it depends on the original vocal, if it was nice, given in the first place.

This song has a lot of credits, reminds me of Big Hit. Also, Kanye West is credited. Seems like this group has a lot of industry push into it. I wish they had more creative synthesis in making this song, but this is solid though. Not just an 8.

Let’s jump onto the remix, it sounds like the Korean version of the song, with added autotune, of course how can they forget it. But I guess it just has a more flair to it since the vocals of Daehwi gives it a more sultry and groove definition than the other original vocalists.

The rap gave more definition to the standard American song. It sounds more impactful and gripping with that part. The combined cohesion of in-house Atlantic and Brand New Music mixers and engineers give this a bit more depth and impact than the original. I prefer the Korean version more than the original. It does stand out to be the greatest of both.

(P.S. I wanted to say this many times in the past but sometimes Brand New Music is like the Atlantic of K-Pop, they have great music. Just great not outstanding.)

Rating: 7.75

Remixer, Producer: Daniel Seavey, Jaycen Joshua, AB6IX

Songwriters: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Corbyn Besson, Cydel Young, Daniel Seavey, Derrick Watkins, Elon Rutberg, Jonah Marais, Kanye West, Malik Jones, Michael Dean, Noah Goldstein, Sakiya Sandifer, Thomas Bangalter, Wasalu Jaco