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M. Scott Peck

T1419 is a new group from the infamously known MLD Entertainment and Sony Music. They are literally the younger brothers of MOMOLAND. What will they bring new on the course? Let us see and check out.

Can ASURABALBALTA impress me at first time? Or simply ignore it around?


The lyrics remind me of TXT and BTS. The masurisuri is reminiscent of CROWN and Hakuna Matata is heard in ATEEZ and BTS. They combine this to make maximal impact. They made it. I’m impressed though. They can create this meaningful yet powerful lyrical delivery.

It’s just simple lyricism. Accept them for the uniqueness they have. I have 100% accepted them. This is powerful. Although, the sheer obnoxiousness may appear for somebody. This doesn’t make it a bad song. The song delivery may even off put some viewers but I definitely love the delivery. The lyricism isn’t also that bad. It just says simply.


Impressive. This is the song I’ve been waiting for. This harnesses the snappy, fast and rapid nature of Hip-Hop instrumentation but at the same time makes a wallowing, ear-whipping, earworm. It just drops amazingly.

This just snaps you hard and powerful. I’ve been waiting for this day. This is the combination I’ve waiting for in years. It just makes you drive and go hard. The vocals after makes the song so soft and soothing. It is the magic spell that makes me rise.

One of the best instrumentations for a debut. It combines the power of ATEEZ and Stray Kids. T1419 is an amazing group. I am impressed they can pull this off.


The combination of Hip-Hop and Pop really worked in favor for T1419. Alongside Duble Sidekick, this is their best hip-hop yet. Probably one of their most iconic tracks of all-time. This will be remembered. This will be in the minds of viewers.

They are the next thing I should watch out. This is ultimately the most powerful Hip-Hop for some while. Some critics may hate this but I find it very good. The post chorus hook is so powerful it just enchants me. I mean this will really grow on some audiences. But it will impact many major hip-hop lovers and critics.

Unlike MCND and CRAVITY’s debut, this isn’t recycled, flat. It might be dull, but it is certainly better than their debut songs at first listen. I was not expecting to praise this, but before I played the video I said I’m gonna like this.

ROW wasn’t good neither did Dracula did good. But this does something. The mixing is not that worse, unlike the super harsh, colluding and clipped nature of Ghost9. I would say that T1419 is like Ghost9 to other critics. Just as I learned to love Ghost9. They might see potential. But it’s just me saying this.


I think I love this song. Unlike other critics which they will eventually hate this. I think this has some kind of strength to it. Personally, I don’t mind them but what they also said was true to itself. This song has a lot of flaws. That is the meaning of criticism. Finding the flaws without or with less bias. But I have my own viewpoint. Thanks to my fellow critic, 10/10 music for letting me stay true to what is me.

This day has been rough. But this is a day of being stern. I always will be stern. But others will try to sway me. At the end of the day, I like what I like. That’s that.

Rating: 6.75

(Score edit! From 8 –> 6.75)

TrackScore: TBD

Producer:  Bull$EyE, Arcon, Minit

Songwriters: Bull$EyE, Arcon, Minit, KEEPINTOUCH, Duble Sidekick, Kim Dodari