VICTON, an early bird in 2021. I really know and have a gut feel that this might be memorable. After all, most of the critics have their top picks at January and rarely leave their top 10 lists after the quarters. I really have my expectations on.

Can What I Said be done? Can VICTON top off their best single, rather b-side, Hands Up, or will the fall into the 5s again?


The lyrics utter nonsense. It might be the most absurd part of the song. It is just a run down of common brags and prophecy into reality quotes but it doesn’t really mean something. What I Said is the common brag that dictators use. I will realize my vision. I will make it happen. I will fight for it. Yeah, we all get that.

It just doesn’t have a real story. Rather the lyrical comprehension is weak. This is the reason some might dislike the song. I am already not knowing even what to say. But in all honesty, K-Pop fans don’t look at the lyrics. They just look at the production. Sad reality.


The instrumentation is just full of building momentum. It is so different from 2020 songs, the song arrangement isn’t also conventional. The chorus hits so hard because of the simple instrumentation that VICTON employs on this track. The chorus then subtly bleeds into the next verse.

The instrumentation isn’t the highlight of this song but rather the production of the track itself. The instrumentation could do a little dynamism but the producers prefer not to.


The production is high-octane. This is so ambitious yet it has a sort of chaotic balance and cohesion. Which is pretty weird for these kinds of songs which rely on heavy instrumental orchestration (although an orchestra of hip-hop instruments, except the 808 and trap beats). It survives. The chorus “What I said”, is by far the most powerful part of the song. It blends 80s synth voice with modern hip-hop.

I love the mixing and mastering it balanced the essential elements of the track. It neither feels too monotonous or very energetic. This is balanced.


This is pretty mixed though. I like the song but it could still do many improvements to it. The verses are not that powerful or that memorable like that of the power of their chorus. But the vocals shined throughout of this track. The vocal delivery is the main point of this track.

I don’t know what the critics will think, will they bash this sonic coherence because of rather ill-natured, underdeveloped verses or maybe even the chorus. But I already like this though. But this song might develop even more.

Rating: 6.5

TrackScore: TBD

Producer: Scott Stoddart, Ryan S. Jhun

Songwriters: Youha, Hwang Yoobin*, Do Han-se, Scott Stoddart, Daniel Kim, Tim Hawes, Ryan S. Jhun

* means that this personnel created a song that went into the 10 Singles of 2020 list.