I get the last laugh every time, this time with Rolling Quartz. They are a merely ultra indie and underground debuted all-girl rock group that I discovered lately. I was actually surprised to even discovered this group. Blaze is there debut single and was recommended by one of my friends and I thought it was by a male rock group.

But I was absolutely wrong. Finally there is someone who can deliver Rolling Quartz news from time to time. Now it’s time to check out this!


The song is about passion, and the instrumental solo is doing every justice to the lyricism. The vocal deliveries are absolutely amazing. They go all-out to reveal the revelation of this song and its power.

All that I’ve been protecting.

I can see it clearly in front of my eyes.

The other thought, which was scary and heavy.

Put them all back.

All you have to do is look forward.

Rolling Quartz

They nailed with that simple line. It sounds so heavy and powerful. It emphasizes everything you need to know about this song. It is so powerful and impactful, and most importantly it has a story. A very strong and well executed storyline.


The instrumentation might not be that mindblowingly creative, but the instrumentation of Han Seung-oh brought out the best in this song. With such real heavy and deeply rooted strong electric guitars and the drums. For a girl rock band. This is amazing. This should have been done before.

It just impacts me with an emotional level. It hits hard. It has the level of pure cohesion. The mixing is amazing, the mastering is well done. It isn’t harsh or ear-tearing as some K-Pop electro productions do. This is the perfect cohesive balance.

I’m so impressed that the members they themselves as a whole, wrote the melodies and the lyrics. This is so revolutionary after GFRIEND and Brown Eyed Girls. This should be normalized in K-Pop after boy groups like BTS, Stray Kids and SEVENTEEN are doing these.


The production is very well executed and there were no errors. The instruments sound absolutely fantastic. A fan said the only lacking thing is distortion. I agree on that part. The chorus could have also used a bit of technical acrobatics to get more out of it.

It just excites me what kind of songs Rolling Quartz would do. This is amazing. A great debut single. The song is so solid and very fantastic. It is the best production I’ve ever heard for a rock group in South Korea in a long time.


Mixing, mastering, vocal engineering, song arrangement, instrumental arrangement, and the performance of Rolling Quartz with their own song proves something. They are meant to break the standards of K-Pop. This is transcendental and inspiring.

The crying roar of heavy electric guitars that are improvised are absolutely screaming of freedom and emotions. It just makes me cry. This is the best rock song of the year. By far.

Rating: 8.5

TrackScore: TBD

Producer: Han Seung-oh

Songwriters: Rolling Quartz

Mixing Engineer: Lim Chang-deok

Mastering Engineer: Frank Arkwright