Track Spotlight – WADACHI (SPYAIR)

This is the first time I’m reviewing SPYAIR. I do not know anything about this band but I know that they are from Japan and that they are critically acclaimed. This might rival ST for its crown this year. But who knows only this review and the others might tell it.

Can Wadachi impress me on first impression? Or be the first to be destroyed on first impression?


With the sheer instrumentation only, and I don’t even watch MVs when listening to the songs. I guessed what this song is all about. This makes the song much more legendary and powerful. Only legends would be able to do this.

This song is about exploration, self-reassurance and self-confidence. The track is full of these cryingly sacred lyricism even in the roars and rumbles of the guitars, drums and the strings quartet. It unites as one. To make a ultra-cohesive and united piece.

This is the most united I’ve ever heard in a track. Everything is moving as one. As if it was a human. It was amazing. This is phenomenal songwriting again.


The instrumentation is impeccable indeed. The combination of traditional J-Rock arrangement and orchestral arrangement is my favorite. It is my ultimate bait per se. When I hear strings and orchestral production in a song I always get on my knees. This is amazing.

The vocal topline is as powerful and soulful and impeccable as the instrumentation is. This going to be one of my early favorites in the game already. This is amazing. For what it does and what it can do. It has that soul. Never-ending spiritual relief and of unsurmountable greatness. This is astonishing. I am impressed. The only gripe is the sudden halt of the song. It doesn’t end with hesitation.

It just ends. Just powerful but very frustrating for me.


The production is perfect. It combines a total buildup of power from start to finish. It bursts emotions from the instrumentation and the arrangement. The mixing is perfect. The mastering is perfect. It doesn’t need anything to make it beautiful. It is already beautiful by itself. This is legendary.

This is the production everyone should be yearning. This is the biggest production of 2021 yet. It never fails. I hope this continues. This is legendary. Everything from this song deserves achievement.


The impact is powerful, this has the feels as I heard many legendary songs in the past year. This is surely going in to my lists sooner or later. The artistic ability of the Japanese music scene should be more appreciated. As a Rock fan before entering K-Pop and J-Pop recently. This is so inspiring and powerful as it can be. The limit of this song is as wide as the ocean.

The melodies are impeccable and melodically outstanding. It is like an adventure. An adventure towards something great and powerful. But it makes you cry at the same time. This is a song of achievement and of loss. This is an amazing song. For that it deserves my first 9, that is based on purely record and song achievement.

Rating: 9

TrackScore: TBA

Producers: KENTA, tasuku, UZ, SPYAIR

Songwriters: KENTA, MOMIKEN


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