AB6IX is one of the industry’s most cohesive group and most well-polished discography I’ve ever heard in K-Pop. I would even call it the same level of finesse and sharpness as those of Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, or even Selena Gomez. It just feels so polished and very stable.

Can Stay Young regain my bias to AB6IX? Or further my deep resentment to their downfalling creative edge?


It’s about the feels of Peter Pan and never growing up. The lyrics are dreamlike but also typical Pop cliches. But nonetheless, they pulled this whole damn thing correctly. Unlike the other single, it was horrendous and disintegrating to even listen.

This time they nailed it perfectly. This is very amazing! I am happy that they finally found their old selves back! This song is impeccable instrumentally!


The instrumentation is by far one of AB6IX most creative yet. This is such a stable and super creative song at the same time. With the help of the 3-time National Insider Award-winning MONOTREE, they reclaim my vigor for AB6IX.

This is a great song, but I wished the chorus had more stability and more impact to it. It still lacks that drop that AB6IX was known for. Their fantastic musical drop which harnesses tropes from modern songwriting and makes it very effective much more than the original.

But the chorus is also powerful on this one not just as impactful as BREATHE and Blind For Your Love. But definitely better 100x than their last shitshow.


The production reminds me of BuZZ’ Oracle-nominated song, Sun and Wind (I just don’t know why I compared it but I guess because the delivery really sounds like it), with a couple of mixes of GRAMMY-nominated songs in the Dance field.

It is so creative in its production that it succeeded to exceed my expectations. To be honest I expected a surefire earworm like High Fever when I heard the teasers but I guess it’s impossible already.

Overall, a great production, as always that is why MONOTREE have always been praised by the Insider Academy, they just make ordinary music much more creative!


It will be repeating in my playlists I am sure of it. It just feels a breathe of fresh air and powerful. It just drives you to a location without knowing where it will go. It mixes J-Pop with Synthpop very well. I can also feel a bit of Teen Pop, Electronic, and Country. It is the amalgamation of AB6IX’ creative ability.

I love this. It feels dreamlike and it succeeds in what it wants to do.

Rating: 8.25

TrackScore: 84

Producers: MONOTREE

Songwriters: Park Woo-jin, MONOTREE