Track Spotlight – U Mad (Bobby)

This is the first time I’m reviewing Bobby. Hell even any YG act not TREASURE. So I have my hopes up for this one. Especially it’s from iKON’s.

All in all, I’m excited to see how I will rate and fare Bobby. Let’s dive into it then!


The lyrics are really the dark soul of this song. The lyrics call his opponent an idiot, pervert, and other names of such degree. This song is very braggadocio and madly in love with itself.

Although I wouldn’t mind some of the braggadocio but it just feels… I don’t know… I mean very, very pitiful to hear. I mean personally, I would cry if I was the one being slammed by this track.

Unlike other tracks of degree such as the ones made by Eminem, Dr. Dre and many more rap legends. This track doesn’t take itself lightly. Unlike Eminem, who spills his haters with humble facts. Bobby I guess was just lost at the lyrical sense.

Anyways, I’m not going to further any criticism but it was good to point out that. It actually has rhythm and poetry but just lacks in authentic and humble nature.


The instrumentation is not what I expected. I was expecting The Proof to go Dramatic and be like that BVNDIT record, but then again I’m being so delusional. Bland. Bland. Bland.

Yes, the instrumentation is, was and will be bland.


Meh, I guess it was well mixed, mastered and rendered. I don’t really have much to say. It was great. It was good. That was a normal track production. Then again, the lack of creativity is just boiling in K-Hip Hop right now.


It was a great track. I’m sure many would be delighted by the new material iKON’s Bobby have released. I personally well wasn’t a fan of it but I gotta give my due credit. Overall, the lyrical delivery would have been more impactful had it been more creative. Well that is what my gripe is.

Rating: 6

TrackScore: 67

Producer: The Proof

Songwriters: Bobby, The Proof


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