Track Spotlight – Burn It (Golden Child)

Finally! They’re back! Golden Child’s back! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for! I’m finally ecstatic to hear what is 2021’s representative song. I really have the highest expectations for this. I just know this is an amazing high-octane emo pop masterpiece.

Can Burn It burn me? Or be the end of Golden Child for me?


It’s very straightforward. Just Burn all your regrets, failures, and just friggin move on. That is what Golden Child wants their audience to hear. I mean it’s great! Another inspirational track! But as I will say later with the arrangement, it was so artistic I could compare this to a Big Hit song.

Enough of me. I just can’t help it but signify how this song might be for TXT but was scrapped? I don’t know. It just feels so Big Hit of this song. I mean yeah they changed the tones and maybe even the lyrics and topline but it just smells of it.

I like it though.


The introduction arrangements reminds me of Blood, Sweat and Tears. This is like an artistic hook also used by BTS in Fake Love. Well, I just find that structure very pleasant. But when the chorus dropped in that part it felt weak. The final chorus we see the second time was more balanced.

The song is really interesting as it follows an unconventional arrangement even for Golden Child, the 2nd time the pre-chorus appears the instrumentation was weaker? Or I don’t know about it. Personally I like the chorus, the verses especially the pre-chorus gave the track more oomph.

The song gives me major Big Hit arrangement vibes. I just don’t know if I like it but certainly my biases were lessened as the song progressed.


This was my fear when I saw 13 produced this track. You see, I didn’t like FLASH critically, that was a hot mess of a chorus, it was so inconsistent. What they did with Golden Child was commendable but it lacked something in the ends to meet it.

Comparing this with X1 is a bit unfair, but X1 raised creative whilst sacrificing stability and coherence. Golden Child went with much stability and coherence but is it really creative? I am not really sure.

I am not disappointed nor angered but I feel like the song could have more potential had they utilized the classic Woolim production techniques that BLSSD or even Full8loom would do.


Personally, I would be saying I was so hyped. But now I heard it. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. It was not that bland but it feels like it could do something more. It was like a trip of commercial success route that Golden Child took.

I’ve yet to see the MV but I don’t care. I just care about the song. That’s it. I hope I wasn’t too harsh. But I still gave Golden Child a benefit of the doubt. The pre-chorus is just amazing. The vocals there is maybe Golden Child’s best.

Rating: 7.75

TrackScore: 86

Producers: 13

Songwriters: 13, J Rise, TAG, Jangjun


    1. Fun fact 108! FLASH is in my Top 10 Most Played K-Pop songs of 2019. Yes! I personally love FLASH. It was my first experience of mass streaming a debut song. But looking at the song technically and critically I knew I don’t like it. I’m such a weird person you know.

      It had 57 plays in 2019. I would be mindblowed by that time. But 57 plays in 2021 is easy. HAHAHAHAHAH. Sorry if I am such a weird person. I love it, but I know it’s weaknesses.


    2. I’m also a film critic, so if I was very serious about the MV I would rate it 6.75. The screenplay is incoherent with the VFX and there was lapses in the writing. The Direction and Acting is probably the best in 2021. The Editing could be much much better. But this is an MV. The Scoring was not bad, it was good. The sound design is also great.

      Personally it’s an 8.75. Very well done!


      1. Technically, it was messy, and I note the incoherence in writing. But as a music video, it tells a coherent story with meaning. It is not perfect, but its ambition wins me over.

        I’d give it 9.25. Along with Thank U, the best MV this year.

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      2. Oh yes, Thank you is really great! One of the best MVs. Many people are so conservative about some of the parts in that MV, but that is part of the art of motion pictures. The important thing is how well and deliberately precise the execution of the elements was done!

        Yes, I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry. AND I RARELY CRY. It was just phenomenal! Golden Child’s acting is the best.


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