Inside the Album – YES. (Golden Child)

This is Inside the Album, where we dissect and unravel the albums that have come out recently. This time we are going to unravel Golden Child’s 5th Mini Album, YES.

Burn It

Review here!

Rating: 78

Cool Cool

Cool Cool is a funky song that I kind of like. The groove and the classic Golden Child elements are all there. The chorus is just full of R&B Funk that I love it also reminds me of some 2019-2020 R&B from Park Jihoon and RBW teams.

This song is just so solid and very straightforward. I love it.

Rating: 80

Round N Round

This is another solid song, although this song just lacks a bit for me. It was just like what was lacking in Burn It but it was much more full in this version. This actually reminded me of SHINee and SM production. It is just very housy and bouncy.

The bounce in the instrumentation and emotional escapades the song introduces using the vocals is just amazing. This is pretty well done of an album I must say. The bridge is just amazing. I was flabbergasted.

Rating: 83

Milky Way

A mandatory ballad I see. But Milky Way might be my most favorite slow-burn song of 2021. And my favorite Golden Child slow song. With what I heard from that bland and slow industry. Milky Way does its magic not at the instrumentation but the delivery and the authentic emotional power they were able to contain.

It was like Ghosting. This song is such a tearjerker. I guess this might be also promoted as a b-side when performing on music shows. I just love this song. Again, another nail.

Rating: 85


When Burn It was released, many pointed out that Breathe is the best song of Golden Child in this album. To no surprise, they were correct. BREATHE is indeed one of the albums highlights. This is like another high octane pop production.

It reminds me of J-Pop a lot, and a lot of 2010s hits from INFINITE. This just breathes its way easily as one of the best 2021 b-sides and songs. It is just of amazing nature.

Rating: 85

Album Rating: 82



    1. Well, the intro does have some highlights and it does enjoy a bit of technical acrobatics. I just didn’t include it.

      But if I was being honest, personally this album is great but it was not really anything personal for me to really relate to. Even Breathe, I thought it could be more personal. I just love this album, critically.

      I’m not yet sure personally.


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