Track Spotlight – Odd Eye (DREAMCATCHER)

DREAMCATCHER! They are back! The critically-acclaimed girl group is finally rising after their super hit BOCA which finished 5th at the year-end lists and garnered tremendous critical support from everywhere.

All in all, I’m excited to see how I will rate and fare DREAMCATCHER. Let’s dive into it then!


The lyrics talk about the end of the world and utopia of DREAMCATCHER. The lyrics also dig deeper to more Rock cliches. It is just full of weird, hypnotic, and psychotic elements of rock angst.

To be honest, the song might spell their downwards spiral. I hope not. They have a lot of talent that needs to be delivered and unleashed. They may cover their odd eye, but there is really utopia here in my channel!


The instrumentation lacked any dynamicness to it. It was again like a failed ambition put into action that fell tremendously high. The chorus has its highlights but I just barely feel it now in my 5th listen.

What is happening with EDENARY? It’s weird. Maybe I’m just the only one only feeling this. It’s very monotonous and sell-out, rushed music. There was no highlights in the verses, maybe I just didn’t recognized it. But it just feels flat. Very flat. There was no creativity in the instrumentation.

I feel like all EDENARY did is make a cloud of rock instruments without any proper sound mixing and mastering. And they called it a day. It was rather upsetting.


This is really rushed now that I see that it was just 3 minutes and 4 seconds of run time and it feels like 4 minutes. It is very lagging and lacks any dynamic nature, punches, impacts, and creative touch.

What happened to LEEZ and Ollounder?! I am very agitated by the lack of clear mixing and mastering in this track. This is just so weird. There was really no proper thought in this.

I just can’t find it dynamic and full of variety. It just feels rock, rock-bland. VERY BLAND.


Can I be very honest? When I heard this song. I was not excited, I was not disappointed too. Again, same case for DREAMCATCHER. This track lacks something. It isn’t as impactful or powerful as their other singles have been. I didn’t even listen to the teasers. So I actually didn’t know what to expect.

The song’s chorus is good but it lacks something and it lacks it heavily. I just cannot pinpoint it. Odd Eye is like one of those ATEEZ b-sides that failed for me in 2020. This is just a weird misstep for me. I just can’t feel anything. Even the emotions. It feels so robotic and monotonous. I just don’t know why.

I am supposed to love this, but as a rock fan. I just don’t like nor dislike it. Is that bad? I’m not sure though.

Rating: 7

TrackScore: 84

Producers: LEEZ*, Ollounder*

Songwriters: LEEZ*, Ollounder*, January 8th*

* means they were the producers/songwriters included in the Top 10 Singles of 2020


  1. I have to agree, it did not excite me at all. The teasers only teased the chorus which now is obvious why since the verses are weak in comparison. There are no highlights in the verses I could remember. What did you think about the rap part?
    Also, listening to the teasers, it sounded familiar to me and pretty quickly I realized it reminded me of the vocal melody in the chorus of EXO’s The Eve. I couldn’t unhear that.
    I’m also a rock fan and it didn’t satisfy me whatsoever. I’m still waiting for DC to finally release a pure rock track.
    I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics translation but the phrases in English were enough for me to decide the lyrics were a weak point. Wasn’t the writer someone who worked with SM groups? I don’t remember. But really, same problem I had with Boca where just knowing the title already knew I wouldn’t like it (mainly cause I can’t stand listening to words I know being pronounced in a different way, that bo-ca was grating).
    “To be honest, the song might spell their downwards spiral. I hope not. They have a lot of talent that needs to be delivered and unleashed. ” the potential is massive but they have to deliver something that shows it better.

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Artemis! Glad you agree. I actually thought I was the only one feeling that kind of emptiness.

      You have nailed the points of your comment! January 8th was indeed the writer of some SM groups and GFRIEND’s Apple and MAGO. But they did a bad job, it was very not good.


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