Track Spotlight – Cinema (CIX)

Cinema starring the all-great radio hitmakers CIX is a Progressive R&B song with an accelerating but chill synth line, consistent rhythmic pulses and an impeccably smooth and ultra-mainstream production that surely fits for 2021.

Let’s see what we got here!


Within the list of the songwriters involved in this production, I must just applaud them. The lyrical depth while not without cliches and some very typical turns and twists. This is by far one of the year’s best songwriting here. The story seems to follow some very pleasing cohesive storyline and it kind of feels familiar.

It depicts CIX as the ones whose in the movies and this other CIX feels to go to the cinema together with you, the listener. It is just a feel good, almost indie, lighthearted and not too hardly-pressed in its concept. The top line, melody and rhythm is just like an amazing movie.


When I heard the instrumentation, I was just mesmerized. It was like a magic spell. This is what I always feel when listening to modern day masterpieces, I always feel a magic spell even before I finish this song. This is what I also felt when I heard Crown, Run Away, Wave, Wonderland, My Pace, MIROH, Butterfly and many more.

It was a great return to form from CIX. The musical direction was impeccably cohesive, powerful and united as ever. This is what CIX is absolutely capable of, releasing amazing ear worms. The slap bass just hits soulfully, not obnoxiously. The synth rhythm was all encompassing. But that slap bass was the real highlight of this track. It was just impeccable.

The musical direction was the best in this song, the producer led the song with a levelheaded approach, deep hearted storytelling and a just competent and impeccable production. The stylistic choices in the instrumentation and vocal arrangements is just good. Although some arrangements can be better without, but this song is already good with itself. A one-of-a-kind song indeed.


The chorus production is by far the most satisfying of the year. This will be repeating 500 times. I’m saying it now. It is by far the best R&B track and even comparable to what 2019 R&B was. 2019 for me was the epitome of amazingly created, powerfully mastered R&B.

Cinema’s production was just flawless for me. The mixing, mastering, and engineering of this single is by far one of CIX’ best in a long while. Movie Star was a grower, however I instantly loved it. Cinema is the same. It will be a grower to everyone.


It starts in a wide sound space with the director commanding what parts to do next. Then a throbbing slap bass comes in and wrecks the competition already. The vocal deliveries is by far one of the year’s most satisfying. The track dwells in this very soft, cloudy feeling.

Of course, this isn’t without flak. The transitions could seem to do better when the chorus comes around. The song also lacks a much higher power than what would be expected. The beast in this recording is the pre-chorus, chorus, and the magnifying glorious bridge in this song. This is also one of the year’s most cohesive by far. It never lacks experimentation. Although, it falters for some listeners. I couldn’t be more happy to hear this super amazing production served in front of me.

I was surprised by the rhythm and instrumentation change in the 3rd act. It was a different heartbeat and a very warming beat to feel. This is really reminding me of some of those 80s electro-pop/synth-pop hits. Just happy to see an improvement in K-Pop. This is it!

Rating: 8.5

TrackScore: 85

Producer: Stylaz Fuego

Songwriters: danke, Anthony Pavel, Mitchell Rose, Kaelyn Behr, MZMC, Jay Kim


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