Rollin is a breath of fresh air against a current swarm of 2017 electronic music. Utilizing a fresh synthpop production, breathtaking verses and an insurmountable chorus, this will surely become a hit of the future. Brave Brothers who really are very amazing as music producers, fail to promote their last comeback with Deepened, with this can they still surpass what they have been into, a sexist and male-driven society?

Let’s see what we have here!

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The song is described by many fans to have this sexy, sensual, but ecstatic vibe to it. It doesn’t play itself too seriously, which is its main strength, and takes advantage of the sheer performance-ability of this track. Brave Girls plays themselves so intuitively seductive but authentically playful. This is a summer banger that was released in a rather weird and dark music video, plus it was released on March so yeah that is kind of weird but hey, Beautiful Beutiful and Tail.

This track is what I would call the perfect military, tough guy, alpha male bait. Like literally, according to the Ministry of National Defense, Milboard, which ranks the most played military songs, Rollin’ has topped the chart for 4 years, straight. Now that many military men have come out of service, they are mass streaming the hell out of it. Very amazing and rather thoughtful of them.


The instrumentation is just amazing. It is breathtaking, beautifully mastered. Wonderfully written. The chorus is one of the best uses of synth drops and it perfectly encapsulates the current synthpop trend that 2021 is just giving us. Well obviously this was written, recorded and released in 2017. But this song is just sonically 2021. It deserves to be in this year of beautiful pop masterpieces. Pop in 2021 is just rebounding. There is more to come I guess.

The mixing, mastering is 100% amazing. This is a mix of familiar western production but just more impactful and very Korean. It just captured my attention on its first few seconds, like when I heard Beautiful Beautiful, Tail, Cinema and many other legendary songs. This song is just amazing, it was perfect. It deserves an award. Just deserves.


For those who didn’t know, Brave Brothers and Kim Do-hoon used to be producers for YG Entertainment, until they founded their companies. Both are super well-know and awarded producers, Brave Brothers nailed his group production in this era. It was just phenomenal, quintessential and legendary. However, he just didn’t know how to promote it right. So the corps made a way. Now it is the biggest hit of 2021, aside from Celebrity. Raking in at least 50,000,000 streams at this moment. Nobody can stop them.

Production in this song is just 10/10. 2017 was truly a great year in music. K-Pop was really creative and defining on that year. Now I just wish 2021, will be like 2017, I guess it will happen. That chorus is just amazing, the synths, the vocals, the arrangement. Everything. It is a longevity bop. I might be delulu, but I am really comparing it to the next mega-hit, like Gangnam Style and Bboom Bboom. It will happen this year.


The song starts from this typical traditional tropical house, synthpop intro. Then Brave Girls authentically enjoys the fun while being subconsciously sultry and sensual. To be honest, Rollin is just all about the chorus, that hook is one of the best in K-Pop, I would say even on par with many legendary 2nd generation songs. This concept was just amazingly performed and written. Everything is breathtaking. Everything was a masterpiece. That is why this song is quintessential, and that is why Korea is succumbing to it.

Initially a critical charmer, Rollin should have become an instant hit back in 2017. Unfortunately, not. But now, they are just basking in the fame of music. The goodness of music itself. Making great songs big. Making underrated artists shine and stand out. That is the power of music. If South Korea would go on war, Rollin would save the Army from enemy forces. That is how amazing this song is. For this achievement and its song taking #1 sooner, an initial 8.25 score in 2017 is going to be a 9.

Rating: 9*

TrackScore: 86

Producers: Brave Brothers, Twochamp

Songwriters: Brave Brothers, Chakun

The video that changed it all…