Welcome to this new segment! Where we will feature the best 100 K-Pop songs of all-time. This segment is to be updated every decade. As not all legendary songs fall in one year.

This is a personal and at the same time an objective view on the best songs in South Korea. Please be reminded that no such list is really bias free and all of this is my PERSONAL OPINION. This is not a FACT, this list is an OPINION.

Let’s just get started with the rules!


  • This list includes all forms of Korean pop, dance, electronic, R&B, rap, hip-hop, alternative, experimental, and/or rap.
  • Excludes Korean classical, indie, trot and/or other non-mainstream/commercial music.
  • This list is exclusive to only singles, promotional singles are excluded.
  • ONLY KOREAN SONGS, no crossover/international singles are allowed.


Song Quality (65%) + Personal Experience (30%) + Others (5%)

The Full Countdown! 100 – 91 // 90 – 81

#80 – DNA (BTS)

Year: 2017; Genre: Electronic

DNA is arguably the BTS signature song. Let’s face it DNA was their real turning point and the point of no return. They have embraced the creativity of Dance music whilst remaining true to loving themselves. DNA proved that they were destined to be legends.

#79 – Gotta Go (Chung Ha)

Year: 2019; Genre: Electronic

Gotta Go reveals us the real and purest form of art that is Chung Ha herself. Gotta Go was an absolute critical charmer and a universal success that even echoed the deep sentiment of youth. Gotta Go was Chung Ha’s best and will be the best.

#78 – MAMA (EXO)

Year: 2012; Genre: Electronic

MAMA was an impeccable debut that soared what it means to be EXO. 2012 post-apocalyptic vibes were really predominant in what the Mayan’s called the last year of all-time. But EXO might have single-handedly saved Earth with this Post-Modern Gregorian performance.

#77 – Perfect Man (SHINHWA)

Year: 2002; Genre: Pop

Perfect Man is the most well-known but not really well-awarded song of the first generation. Sparking with creativity, sensuality and flair. SHINHWA really proved that without them there would be no SM groups to further move on.

#76 – WAVE (ATEEZ)

Year: 2019; Genre: Pop, Electronic

WAVE was the epitome of ATEEZ, at least for me. Winning the Insider for Song of the Year, ATEEZ proved that the mashup of Country, Dance and K-Pop was possible and that JYP was the only one failing that. Being the most emotional of their songs this song left a mark in which they will never be forgotten.

#75 – Back (INFINITE)

Year: 2014; Genre: Electronic

Back is full of intensity as was the highly-acclaimed and well-regarded INFINITE. Amazing as it is, at first it may disappoint you because it sounds like a bland ballad. But once the chorus hits, you will never go back.

#74 – Very Nice (SEVENTEEN)

Year: 2016; Genre: Pop

Very Nice by SEVENTEEN was indeed a very nice treat. Being just the all-rounders they are, they have proven time and time again, that theater and just joy can be used for an amazing show of force. This wackily cool performance of SEVENTEEN stands the test of time and is still the best of theirs.

#73 – Playing with Fire (BLACKPINK)

Year: 2016; Genre: Pop, Electronic

Probably the best song of the immensely popular and successful BLACKPINK. They warn us that playing of fire might be for the best or not for the worst of love. Emotional, strong, powerful, BLACKPINK will stand for this song alone.

#72 – Hurricane Venus (BoA)

Year: 2010; Genre: Electronic

Hurricane Venus is a mash of electronic sounds that fuel BoA’s so called legendary storm. Venus is mind-boggling, fanatic, ecstatic, dramatic and purely BoA. BoA being the legend, just nails with this impeccable show of power.

#71 – Pick Me (Produce 101 – Season 2)

Year: 2017; Genre: Electronic, Pop

Pick Me is forgettably unforgettable. After what had happened to Mnet and this whole sh/tshow (which was unsurprising anyways), Pick Me still stands as one of the conglomerates brightest, biggest and fundamentally K-Pop’s unity amidst capitalism ideals. A bright group that really stood the test of eternity. I guess thanks?