Welcome to this new segment! Where we will feature the best 100 K-Pop songs of all-time. This segment is to be updated every decade. As not all legendary songs fall in one year.

This is a personal and at the same time an objective view on the best songs in South Korea. Please be reminded that no such list is really bias free and all of this is my PERSONAL OPINION. This is not a FACT, this list is an OPINION.

Let’s just get started with the rules!


  • This list includes all forms of Korean pop, dance, electronic, R&B, rap, hip-hop, alternative, experimental, and/or rap.
  • Excludes Korean classical, indie, trot and/or other non-mainstream/commercial music.
  • This list is exclusive to only singles, promotional singles are excluded.
  • ONLY KOREAN SONGS, no crossover/international singles are allowed.


Song Quality (65%) + Personal Experience (30%) + Others (5%)

The Full Countdown! 100 – 91 // 90 – 81 // 80 – 71

#70 – Energetic (WANNA ONE)

Year: 2017; Genre: Pop

Energetic brings the bright synthpop and breezy dynamics of 3rd generation K-pop into life. Sung by the most legendary project group in the history of the music industry. WANNA ONE remains forever alive due to this song.

#69 – Juliette (SHINee)

Year: 2009; Genre: Electronic

Juliette by SHINee features a young and vibrant look at the newly debuted group. It is another electronic song that sounds very SHINee this time and not so much like their other labelmates. Juliette defined the SHINee style that I love. This is full of R&B groove whilst being so experimentally electric on itself.

#68 – Mirotic (TVXQ)

Year: 2008; Genre: Electronic, R&B

MIROTIC is TVXQ’s most widely known single, by a large margin. It was very controversial, on the original lyrics when this was released. The sheer attitude and charms of TVXQ still mesmerize many folks up to now. Every member was amazing and the song is the most simple yet innovative on its own.

#67 – Deja Vu (DREAMCATCHER)

Year: 2019; Genre: Rock

Deja Vu just packs the classic operatic rock performance from the queen of it, DREAMCATCHER. They deliver another bop after another. When you talk about idol rock, there is no escaping Deja Vu’s legendary chorus.

#66 – NOIR (SUNMI)

Year: 2019; Genre: Experimental, Alternative Pop

NOIR was a film and a vibe in itself. It gave hundreds of meanings, symbolisms but most importantly it was SUNMI’s best crafted single of all-time. NOIR ensured SUNMI’s name in Experimental Alternative synthpop would never be forgotten. The queen remains.

#65 – ID: Peace B (BoA)

Year: 2000; Genre: Electronic

ID: Peace B is one of the most forgotten yet legendary debuts of all-time in the music industry. Starring the then, 13 year old BoA, she ensures that you have the ID to the new world. This epic, groundbreaking and fresh impact ID: Peace B gave to us will never be forgotten by me. The one who really got the goosebumps.

#64 – Chase Me (DREAMCATCHER)

Year: 2017; Genre: Rock

Chase Me has since been a staple in the rock realm. Alongside Deja Vu, Chase Me however is more legendary and by far just more gripping than the former. It features an amazing hook and an unforgettable arrangement that everybody should look forward. DREAMCATCHER just aces the game.

#63 – X1-MA (Produce X 101)

Year: 2019; Genre: Pop, Electronic

X1-MA is the epitome of an Original Song. The potential of this song transcended to this moment. Everybody just ignored the sheer gravity of the arrangement, production and instrumentation this song brought to the table. It was a groundbreaking moment for the Produce series. But like all events, if you climb too high you’ll eventually fall to death.

#62 – Don’t Wanna Cry (SEVENTEEN)

Year: 2017; Genre: Electronic, Pop

Don’t Wanna Cry is the epitome of the SEVENTEEN spirit. It features a brilliant songwriting about the most lamest thing in the world, love. It is a songwriting achievement and a breakthrough in Dance Ballads. It just has the impact, emotion and authenticity that smoothly makes it victorious. Winner of the Insider Award for Record of the Year.

#61 – Rocking (TEEN TOP)

Year: 2013; Genre: Electronic

Slick, fun and electrically tickling. TEEN TOP just killed it with Rocking, hailed by many K-POP Critics as the best TEEN TOP song alongside No more perfume on you, it is just the best in terms of pop electronic funkiness. It stands to the test of time surely!