libidO is OnlyOneOf’s latest release. If you don’t know OnlyOneOf they are a 7-member group specializing in Alternative R&B. libidO comes as a marker of them entering sex and desire. libidO is also strangely their most lukewarm release yet. It doesn’t pack as much dynamism as savanna, sage or angel. It really lacks a proper chorus and the ultimate authentic groove that they have pulled off from their previous releases. The second half packs much more amusement to my surprise though.

Let’s see what we have here!


The lyrics are actually not that bad for someone being so horny and in a sexual relationship. I find it somewhat very authentic although I cannot say for sure if the members experience this. But the lyrics are really somewhat emotionally, personally and objectively very well written. What I like about this is that there is no such use of cringeworthy, innuendo or very juvenile wordplay.

I may be so immersed in the lyrics but it just all talks about temptation and new discovery. Just like how Bjork introduced her life into her songs, this just follows that similar style. It is authentic but very cathartic and distorted. Like you’re being possessed by the devil. I like how it is felt even on the delivery.


When, 8D said this was going to be Experimental Alternative R&B, I was taken by surprise and anticipated a very strongly polarizing but cohesive song. The instrumentation in libidO is somehow lacking in the creativity I want. I mean it just literally lacks some sort of cohesion even on the chorus. R&B needs amazing choruses but this song somewhat gave a building and anti-climactic kick.

The synths and drums feel very heavy and suffocatingly good. It has that same vibe as what I liked about ASMR songs. The anti-dramatic chorus is propelled by this samples of the same synth as the pre-chorus. Albeit more louder and with no support aside form the vocals. It really is unfortunate.

The fortunate thing about this song, is that its arrangement is very well polarizing and somewhat demonic. I loved the outro instrumentation, it is by far the song’s peak, in terms of being called as a climax. But the sad thing about that arrangement is that I don’t necessarily love the lackluster chorus it has.


The production was great actually. The record has the said elements of demons, suffocation, obsession and catastrophe in it. The producer’s KB and Nine actually did an amazing job with this. I love how it really immerses you on this world. It might seem very dangerous and very entropic. But it is an actual wonder. It creeps on to your senses, body and your emotions.

The mixing and mastering could have been well, better but it is already good for what it is. The mixing does sound better on 48kHz but it might become so distorted at a lower format. It does remind me of certain American mixing albeit just older and less clean. Overall, I like it.


This record was well anticipated by me. I am a long time lyOn ever since their debut in 2019. I have seen their immense potential and talent. Producing this song by themselves also kind of helped the song in someway. libidO might not be my most favorite song from OnlyOneOf but it surely sticks around where it is. I expect the album to be somewhat better or have something absolutely surprising for me in store. I wish OnlyOneOf a very very good commercial performance!

Rating: 8.25

Note: I increased it (7 –> 8.25) since I eventually fell for the song and it’s amazing production. Obviously, OnlyOneOf being one of my 5 stanned group will have an edge. They have certainly proved that.

TrackScore: 85

Producers: KB, Nine, BLUR, LVPS

Songwriters: KB, Nine, Haeil, Xydo, BLUR, LVPS