Antidote is Kang Daniel’s return featuring his new album YELLOW. Antidote might be my least favorite track of his. I can’t just believe that I would even be disappointed in Kang Daniel’s music. Well, as much as I didn’t like WAVES, Antidote might even be a tad bit not good too. However, even in that aspect it still has some creative flair to it.

Let’s see what we have here!


The lyrics speak into existence what Kang Daniel’s personal emotions are full of. It is worryingly so obnoxious to finding the antidote. I’m sure he can speak well of it because he actually did a good job writing it into this song. I just find the overall concept flat, thematically it could have been more psychotic than this. This actually feels a depreciation of his previous accomplishments. Again, the abstract though is tough and hard to swallow but the execution didn’t feel like it.

We all knew how he was feeling so empty and decided to take a hiatus last year. I’m glad that songwriting became his ultimate therapy. Others would take it away from their system, but once again we find ourselves faced in the master creator of R&B. Kang Daniel did well for the time being.


The instrumentation was actually davaluating the whole song throughout. I was excited personally in what that amazing guitar riff would lead into. Would it explode? What way will it affect the song? I’m just sad that instead for amplifying that man’s voice they even degraded it by making it just a sheer background in a horrible trap chorus.

It reeks of Westernism that I don’t like. It sounds like a song that would hit it big in America and Europe but not that creative and or anything instrumentally dynamic. Even the ad libs sound anything like what normally American rappers would do. This song much more sounds very Western that what it was capable of. I am ashamed of that.

Gladly, the outro seems more than intriguing that it should’ve been. I guess the guitar and the amazing instrumental break they did worked.


The production is amazing. The musical direction was not. These two single-handedly antagonized each other. Going to a more West side than ever even produced some weird musical choices. The mixing and mastering was good and great. There was no negative things in the production. I just really wished that guitar bass was more than just a background instrument.


I don’t why this is happening. But I hope Kang Daniel takes himself calmly and regains his amazing consciousness of music. Paranoia was a big grower on me. Paranoia was #2 already on my 2021 list and were not even halfway on the year. Maybe I just expected more. I greeded more. I’m so sorry for that. In anyway, Kang Daniel is no stopping. He only gets even more realistic, and authentic as time passes by. He has no limits. Antidote might be a defining moment in his career.

Rating: 7

TrackScore: 70

Producers: Jonathan Hoskins

Songwriters: Kang Daniel, JQ, makeumine works, J14, Anthony Pavel, Jonathan Hoskins, MZMC