Welcome to this new segment! Where we will feature the best 100 K-Pop songs of all-time. This segment is to be updated every decade. As not all legendary songs fall in one year.

This is a personal and at the same time an objective view on the best songs in South Korea. Please be reminded that no such list is really bias free and all of this is my PERSONAL OPINION. This is not a FACT, this list is an OPINION.

Let’s just get started with the rules!


  • This list includes all forms of Korean pop, dance, electronic, R&B, rap, hip-hop, alternative, experimental, and/or rap.
  • Excludes Korean classical, indie, trot and/or other non-mainstream/commercial music.
  • This list is exclusive to only singles, promotional singles are excluded.
  • ONLY KOREAN SONGS, no crossover/international singles are allowed.


Song Quality (65%) + Personal Experience (30%) + Others (5%)

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#60 – Catallena (Orange Caramel)

Year: 2012; Genre: Pop

Catallena was a bop that nobody expected. It is purely unconventional and could be left behind in the growing number of new K-Pop fans. But for sure Catallena was a critical charmer that swept us away with the song.

#59 – N.O (BTS)

Year: 2013; Genre: Rap

N.O is what BTS says to prevalent school pressure, societal norms and just the pure greed of the South Korean educational system. Bending the rules and provoking the system is what made BTS so relatable from the millions of people all around the world. N.O remains an anthem of rebellion and societal change.

#58 – Loner (CNBLUE)

Year: 2010; Genre: Rock

Loner by CNBLUE was undoubtedly one of the most defining songs of the past decade. Being played so many times, being a staple in modern Korean rock and a legend in Korea itself. Nobody can contest the sheer boldness and sharp lyricism of Loner. The chorus still stands as one of the most catchiest ever. It was just a moevement.

#57 – Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Die (2AM)

Year: 2010; Genre: Traditional Pop

Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Die was another 2010 song that shaped ballads of the decade. The power, lyricism, smoothness and the hook was the main point of the song. It never dies, it continues this breathtaking plea. 2AM was a phenomenal group and will continue to be.

#56 – Blue (BIGBANG)

Year: 2012; Genre: R&B

Blue by BIGBANG was really the song for them. It was heartfelt, authentic and emotionally gripping. It continues to be one of my favorite R&B songs and BIGBANG’s best. I really love how chill and emotionally connected it is. A rare gem that should never be forgotten.

#55 – Likey (TWICE)

Year: 2017; Genre: Pop

Likey by TWICE is my favorite TWICE song of all-time and I guess it will continue to be. That amazing dance break and instrumentation that this song just served was just one of K-Pop’s monumental moments ever. It proves that TWICE can nail everything. Likey was just a pop masterpiece.

#54 – Come Back Home (Seo Taiji & Boys)

Year: 1995; Genre: Rap

Come Back Home by Seo Taiji proved to be their breakthrough hit yet again. Debuting in 1992, they have had a polarizing image by this time. It was a breakthrough for K-Pop as well. A time that defied expectations, genres, and lyrics. It was just legendary.

#53 – I Know (Seo Taiji & Boys)

Year: 1992; Genre: Rap

I Know by Seo Taiji was their debut song and one of the best debut songs in all-time. I Know proved and shocked the Korean audience by introducing rap in their songs. Criticized by various local critics, it really appealed the Western critics. I Know continues paving the way for creativity in Rap. 28 years later.

#52 – Good Night (DREAMCATCHER)

Year: 2017; Genre: Rock

Good Night is another DREAMCATCHER entry, probably my favorite girl group of all-time. It is another undoubted Rock song sprinkled with amazing arrangements from all corners. It remains as DREAMCATCHER’s most iconic sound but rarely named by critics. Good Night is literally the epitome of what you can do with a catchy song and rock in itself.

#51 – Rollercoaster (Chung Ha)

Year: 2018; Genre: Pop

Rollercoaster remains one of the most memorable pop songs by a soloist. Chung Ha nailed this as her first comeback song. This continued an amazing singles run that was dominated by both creativity and commercial success. Chung Ha is indeed a leader in solo music, alongside BoA, HyunA and SUNMI.