Blind is the comeback song of recently debuted, ORβIT. In the Pop genre, it presents us the 7 membered boy group in such an organic and pleasing nature. ORβIT is a J-Pop group and this song doesn’t really sound anything close to J-Pop if anything it harkens to K-Pop the most. However reminiscent this song is in K-Pop, the vocalists do have a big role in this song. Rap isn’t really that omnipresent in this song and I like it. I think it is a fine release.

Let’s see what we have here!


I think this song is all about blind temptation and all that Garden of Eden concept. It is however, all so boring and all so repetitive to hear something such as this. I think the producers did a mediocre job with the lyrics, but to be fair, so do the Big 3. I just think maybe that chorus was good. Although, it isn’t something repetitive as it is spoken but again it is good that we’re not that trendy here.


The instrumentation is really anything modern. I love some aspects of it but also feels so flat and really unimaginative of what it can do. To be honest, it is just mediocre but in a more complex manner. It isn’t anything barebones but the rhythm and that melody could’ve been fleshed out in a more better and well-produced way. The mixing is good though and the mastering is.

It is actually kind of disappointing that this group can’t really give us anything creative, albeit ranking at #3 on Oricon Weekly Albums. I just seem to know that Japanese people like this kind of synthpop/house record. The vocals were a saving grace, their different ranges is easily distinguishable, one even has that gender fluid vocal technique and that is just amazing to hear.


The production can be better than this. I know that Dream Passport might be a small label, but let’s be real here after selling almost $1,000,000 in albums not including your performances and synchronization, this should have been in consideration. The production kind of falters what this song really wants to be and evolve from that. The production doesn’t really highlight how creative or impactful this is, but one thing though it is decent enough for their vocals. Mixing and mastering could’ve been better, anyway, this is decent enough.


I did somewhat like the song though, even if it had so much fairness and OKness in its production and direction. The song could be a grower too, it isn’t that strong nor that mediocre but it just is a good if not better spot as others could’ve been. I mean ORBIT is such a good name, they do have some traction in Japan. But I just wished there was something more to the table. Good job though!

Rating: 6.5

TrackScore: TBD

Producers: KYUM LIK, Ovrlap

Songwriters: Kim Heecheon, KYUM LIK, Louise Frick Sveen, Moon Kim, Ovrlap