I have no idea what to expect so I will not fight the feeling!

Let’s see what we have here!

As always, I expect this to be the best of SM every time. EXO is just strikingly built so different than NCT. I really didn’t expect such weird twists and turns but I guess it catapults to a much more harmonic chorus than what I would’ve expected. Anyway, Don’t Fight The Feeling is pretty much the theme of this song. The lyrics revolve around the nostalgia of drag racing. I mean well I didn’t get to participate in those races since I’m not really interested. This song did nothing to make my interest go up. It is fine rather that it did not worsen my interest.

Unfortunately, the vocal mixing in this record is just shouting to escape from the authoritative instrumental itself. I guess it is partly to blame for the mixing which I find did employ such a level of vocal repression. I guess the mixing was just bad. Anyway, the arrangement isn’t that bad for an SM song. I just expected a more cohesive and fluid song from EXO. So I shouldn’t really bother this much. The good thing is that the vocals are actually good and the song is tolerable pop despite these mishaps.

The instrumentation is great but not legendary. I would say it is strong though for a pop song. The song is in itself a dance-pop track that mainly is vocally centered. I just find this song to be particularly melodic. In fact, this must be the most creative attempt to make a harmonic SM song since Atlantis. While SHINee succeeded in the fact, this does not. I just find something wrong with that breakdown which loses most of the track’s amazing rhythm and builds for such a lousy and corny section.

The production is great but then again, it lacks that dynamic edge that I feel like most SM songs have. The mixing on here is just not for me. I find it very intimidating and very repulsive especially when Baekhyun tries to hit high notes. I just find it very controlling and their vocals didn’t really shine because of that. Anyway, I guess I can forgive that.


I can’t really say I did not like this song but it just couldn’t hit with me at any given level. I mean I find the chorus to be lacking and the trap breakdown to be just destructive for the song. However, despite these circumstances I guess I can vibe with the song. It is not bad for wanting to convey the cheesy romantic lines as the EXO comes back today. I just think this isn’t the perfect song to make a grand return. It lacks with something. Despite all of that, I guess it still pretty much survives my criticisms.

Rating: 7.75

TrackScore: TBD

Producers: Tha Aristocrats

Songwriters: KENZIE, Mike Jimenez, Damon Thomas, Tesung Kim, Tha Aristocrats, TC Mack, Moon Kim