A new week. A new set of reviews…

N.Flying – Moonshot

Moonshot is a typical Western alternative pop/rock smash hit that we hear on the radio every time. I think this has so many benefits, such as the creative melody hook and the stable and cohesive chorus we experience. I also think the whole song is a fest. However, the repetitiveness of the record worn itself out. I think a more creative arrangement would’ve been better. Still this is strong nonetheless.

Rating: 7

EPEX – Lock Down

A conceptual flaw. This song itself is non-serviceable and is easily rendered as a throwaway. The subject, the authenticity, the production, the musical direction and the existence of this song is all a major flaw to itself. How can a song be so pathetic, un-empathetic and very victimising of its target audience which it never gave its promises.

The song is a social critique of the lockdown and the society we live itself. However, it did nothing to provide us with more insight. It was a mere thorn that caused major ramifications and ultimately did us no purpose whatsoever, it even capitalized pain, suffering and of course the pandemic itself .

Rating: 3.5

TWICE – Alcohol-Free

TWICE is back! Now I am very grateful about this. Coming back with a new style is indeed an asset if pulled off properly. I can say TWICE nailed bossa nova. Now I know, I am in a few minority that agrees this song is indeed perfect for the summer. But can you tell me a K-Pop song like this before? Never. This is perfectly the most creative and well-done laidback comeback this month. Props to TWICE!

The lyrics could be more better and the rhythms could also be more catchy than the given but nonetheless, this is a great comeback and perfect for the new normal summer!

Rating: 8.25

BM – Broken Me

Why is this a good emo song? I mean DSP really knows to play the game isn’t it. Broken Me is an amazing and empowering emo song that many will find boring and plain. It even features production that may feel dated decades old. I really need to tell you that this is my style of music. Broken Me succeeds to empathize, appeal and move the listeners heart.

The chorus is wide and strong. The verses feel disconnected and even a little weak but its what the song wants. This is a pretty personal and strong one. So I dig this. BM really knows how to make music for sure.

Rating: 7.75

WEi – Bye Bye Bye

Why is this week so great! WEi finally gave us the best song they could even deliver even if that means we are sacrifice creativity for repetitive and simple stuff. Fortunately, I love pop music and the simplicity of this single is what makes it even more my favorite. The vocal performance of WEi is enough to catapult this single to pop radio. The chorus is by far their best and one of this years most memorable for sure. The trap breakdown in this one really works and adds some needed flair to the repetitiveness of this record. Surely, I am addicted!

Rating: 8

Hoya – Stay with me

Not for long I thought I would be away for ballads. But guess what we are not away with it anytime sooner. Hoya’s Stay with me is the definition of a summer killed with longings and regret. I mean it is fine for a ballad but I seriously think ballads need an arrangement wherein it does make the song more interesting and more dynamic. This is a flat out mediocre one.

Rating: 5.75

LIGHTSUM – Vanilla

This is very reminiscent of 2015-16 electropop. Which implements a very creative and military approach to girl groups, this makes the chorus so powerful that it sounds like a turbo booster. The song itself is a wonderful complement of many instruments and styles that I think we need to see more in girl groups. However, I think this one should be toned down and be more well rounded than the previous attempts at this style. This is still solid though. The lyrics are passable and is a very good electopop single nonetheless.

Rating: 7.75

Yugyeom, DeVita – I Want U Around

I Want U Around is a song that I see could be a little bit better with its musical direction and the skeleton structure of itself. The percussion and the cymbals could honestly not be more weirdly cathartic and sound like nothing. I would say this is really common for AOMG and well understandably it may be for the good or worst. I think this is a fine song.

Rating: 6.25

Nogizaka46 – Gomen ne Fingers crossed

Gomen ne Fingers crossed is something very timid, and yet very traditional for Nogizaka46 to release. It sounds a little bit lukewarm and very toned down dynamically but it has all the same fast-paced, high intensity and power pop production we are used to in Nogizaka46. I think this is very GP-friendly and is why it beat Butter from having a third week #1 on the Japan Hot 100.

Rating: 8.25

Produce 101 Japan S2 – Shadow

This is a prime example of quintessential eastern pop music. I mean the combination of electronic synths and the gritty bass that is so amazing and very edgy to its attack. The introduction is amazing and hearing it is an audio fest. e.one has never presented this kind of combination ever in Korea. I am very impressed that Japan gave him such a brave move to experiment even further and this just proved amazing.

I think this is a phenomenal song that is going to be a classic. Combining the Japan, Korea and Europe electronic pop scene is just brilliant and impeccable.

Rating: 9