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What is with June and its desire for me to break down internally. ONEWE adds me to their list of killed civilians in the great flood of Rain To Be. I mean I am just mesmerized at the amount of ammunition, strength, and authenticity they possess as an artist. I am constantly enamored by their music and this one just nailed it.

Rain To Be is an emotional progressive rock song about how the rain connects ONEWE and its significant other. Rain is juxtaposed as a disaster but ONEWE fervently insists on the connection it holds to them. However, this just results to rain significantly pouring as they are being slowly pushed to the depths of it. ONEWE is never gonna give up the relationship even if they die out of their tears and despair.

I find the song thematically interesting as South Korea experiences a rainy summer. I can attest to this as this also happens to me every summer. It is a feeling of bliss, happiness, and desire amid tragedy, catastrophe, and damage. Raining during summer is a weird experience and it only adds more empathy to ONEWE themselves. Rain to be is the perfect song for South Korea’s complicated relationship with the world’s hottest season.

Rain to be starts with so much value due to its guitar hook intro. The vocalists slowly enter the scene with a ballad vocal direction as the instruments build-up to a course of action. This blooms ever so slowly with that amazing pre-chorus and is succeeded by the chorus which in this state is so fragile. The second verse doesn’t provide that much power to the song either as it reiterates the previous verses. The second iteration of the pre-chorus and chorus is much more powerful and adds tension to the record with its tighter than ever instrumentation. The next verse is I think where the brilliance of this track comes from.

The “doo-du-do” hook alongside the verses keeps creativity and the audience alive from the repetitiveness the record might have succumbed to. It also keeps the ever-so-tightening tension this track relies on. It makes us listen ever more closely to it. It also adds cohesiveness and the well-rounded arrangement of this section just amazes me. This is then followed by the tense and very emotionally cathartic vocal delivery of the previous verses then it furthers its intent to an electric guitar solo. That of which is short but delivering. I kind of disliked why it wasn’t longer.

It finishes the song with the ever so repetitive but working pre-chorus and the chant “na na nas” builds up the resolution to this track. Then it closes of ever so normally. I honestly think they could’ve improved that but I think it is OK in a certain sense. The vocal framework of this song allowed some room for the members to showcase their strengths and making the song more dynamic. It benefits from this in many parts. I think the arrangement is perfectly sorrowful and emotional but brimming with anger and resentment. I liked the musical direction of this record, it kept the creativity whilst maintaining authenticity and cohesion on the track in general.

This might be my favorite non-Japanese rock release so far. The genius behind ONEWE, CyA, and Kanghyun played their cards right in this comeback. ONEWE has a futile relationship with me. I always stayed distant from their music and I think last year’s End of Spring kind of took me. But I still had reservations for them not until this comeback. They have shown their evolution and I have to say it is so dynamic. I admire them.

Production-wise it is a well mixed and mastered song. It has the perfect dynamics, attack and I can hear everything very clearly and very vibrantly. I guess the brightness of the instruments adds to how fatal this song delivered to me. It made an impact on its audience through the interesting production and arrangements it presented throughout.


I have nothing more to present. I really loved how this song commanded itself with great arrangement, hooks, and melodies. It was a moment I look forward to repeating all summer long. I really think 2021 Summer will be remembered for a long while. This is just surreal. However, the repetitive and stereotypical fundamentals of the record might turn itself to be quite irritating in the future. I think some verses were really weak and mild compared to others. It is up to time to decide whether it stays afloat or loses everything.

Rating: 9

TrackScore: TBD

Producers: Kanghyun, Jeon Dawoon

Songwriters: Kanghyun, CyA, Jeon Dawoon