Track Spotlight – Chi Mat Ba Ram (BRAVE GIRLS)

Summer has officially kicked off!

Let’s see what we have here!

Chi Mat Ba Ram is a pop song all about the fun and festive feels in the summer. Brave Girls uses this song as an amazing tool for their incredible vocals and performance. It just can feel the authenticity of being back in the beach. Chi Mat Ba Ram fully compliments this entrance into the summer with its full, overwhelming and powerful melody. It just reaches out without hesitation. Brave Girls is damn right back!

Lyrically, Chi Mat Ba Ram isn’t deep. It doesn’t have to be. It reckons the lyrics of Rollin and combines its pop elements with a more mature standpoint and a much powerful song that will surely stick to the minds of the general public. This song may be a classic in the making. It’s very youthful and generous outlook at the hot summer weather is indeed amazing to hear. In a time where we should be enjoying we can’t let anybody interrupt us with metaphorical words. Brave Girls just gives what the average listener wants and that is what stands out.

Chi Mat Ba Ram’s composition and musical direction is eerily similar with Rollin with a few differences as usual for these kinds of mega comeback songs. I mean this kind of electronic house pop performance has been forgotten by many since the EDM era (2016-18). I think this one is a little bit more creative in its chorus and its arrangement than that of Rollin. It utilizes the repetitive phrases of salang, baram and challang in its chorus. With the rap section basically non-existent we can see a more cohesive and dynamic flow of music in this record. This is especially good for Brave Girls. The instrumentation really struck me.

The combination of a pop-centric musical direction, with the added flair of the house beats, guitar, the magical bass and the set of drums they used in this. In combines synthpop, house, and pop in a very holistic and practical approach. This is brilliant for the track itself as it kind of borrows Rollin and improving upon it. Criticisms might include the typical lack of a second instrumental chorus and opting for an outro chorus. The instrumental chorus is also a bit aged and dated, but honestly it works fine for this.

No problems were found in the mixing and mastering. I guess they know how to do these things perfectly. Brave Brothers was a former YG producer and a producer we all know and is a big-name amongst everyone in the industry. Brave Girls just benefits for this and makes the song ever so strong and tight. This is a legendary hit in the making already and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised by the trend this creates.


Very good and very fascinating! I really love Brave Girls for showcasing their impeccable vocals and great potential! Hope for all the best and honestly, it’s a good year for pop honestly, the competition will be neck to neck. Happy Summer! Happy Pride! Brave Girls take it away!

Rating: 9

TrackScore: TBD

Producers: Red Cookie

Songwriters: Brave Brothers, Chakun, Red Cookie


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