Welcome to Transcendental Side! This is where I confess my deepest, heartfelt and authentic feelings of songs I just couldn’t stop thinking, listening and crying about.

Fanfare is a high-octane jazz-funk song that talks about the high energy, throbbing and adrenaline rush that comes with meeting someone you went head over heels for the first time around. Fanfare is pretty much this year’s happy counterpart of my all-time favorite, Take Me Home. I am really trembling in awe and happiness for this year in bright, upbeat and uplifting music. There has been so much blessings and thrill we have experienced this year. I guess Fanfare ups it a notch even further than any of my favorite songs have this year.

Take Me Home was like taking Fake & True adding Beautiful Beautiful, Butter and Atlantis at the same time. It was unfathomably heavenly, gorgeous, grand and whipping. It was a hurricane full of summer. Fanfare might be the closest song in following the summer playbook. It is conceptually cohesive, structurally sound and commercially pleasant. It felt that I just had a full strength dose of dopamine injected in me. I feel rejuvenated, new, and fresh. It is honestly impressive Golden Child singlehandedly saved summer, in my opinion.

I really wasn’t keen on reviewing this but I decided to because I just felt it was the right time to say this. Honestly, I am floored, unhinged and tantalized by this summer smash hit. If there was truly a summer song, I think this would win it. Unanimously. The vocals were more than heavenly, sometimes even reaching unattainable greatness. The arrangement was impressive, the direction was brilliant, the mixing and mastering was great. I just cannot further stress how awestruck I am for this. Fanfare is just a Transcendental Side.

Objective Rating: 9.25

Personal Rating: 10

Producers: SCORE (13), Megatone (13)