2021 has been an amazing year for music so far. It has given us the best pop songs in spring, the best ballad songs in the winter and the best of music. With that in mind, I would like to commemorate it by announcing the first-ever Summer Music Awards. This is the first-time we will celebrate the best summer songs of the year. Starting 2021, we will acknowledge what shaped the summer of every Korean music fan worldwide. This is the mission of the Summer Music Awards.

We would like to present the nominees of this year’s Summer Music Awards. This year, the Summer Music Awards eligibility period is from May 31, 2021 – August 6, 2021. The award will be based on the votes of music critics from various blogs around the world specializing in Korean or East Asian music.

General Field (Daesang)

Hot Summer Artist

Hot Summer Album

Hot Summer Song

Hot Summer Debut

Genre Field

Hot Summer Alternative

Hot Summer Pop

Hot Summer Dance

Hot Summer Rap

Hot Summer R&B

Hot Summer Rock

Technical Field

Hot Summer Video

Hot Summer Style

Hot Summer Performance

Hot Summer Producer

Hot Summer Writer

The winners of the 2021 Summer Music Awards will be announced here on deforestedmusic on August 21, 2021. Thank you for participating and see you around the summer wave!