Sure. Stray Kids is playing by the playbook they wrote a year ago. Isn’t that hypocritical to this song?

Let’s see what we have here!

The lyrics are excellent with a little K-Hip-Hop playbook excerpts in the investigation. I mean, if Stray Kids are willing to beat BTS, B.A.P, or make a classic rap verse, they must write better than their predecessors. I mean it was excellent but not creative enough. I need 3RACHA to immediately heighten their writing. For the meantime I’ll give them a free pass on that one. Nice allegories though.

The instrumentation is fun and wild but at the same time very bland and nonchalant. Yes, that has something to do with the instruments itself used, not the mixing or post-production. They used flat drums, neo-trap and many modern hip-hop beats that seem plastic rather than their fusion of Korean traditional instruments. I guess the traditional instruments saved Thunderous from being thunder clapped.

The vocals are fine, although I would rate them a 7 if I had to. There was no enthusiasm that I can feel, well for the most part it was kind of fine and ok. The rap is excellent though, maybe a 9. I mean 3RACHA has always been all about the raps, so they bring an excellent balance to this category. The raps were creative, smooth and powerful.

On the other hand, we had some major hits with musical direction, song structure, and cohesiveness. First up, musical direction. It was rather immediate and copy-paste. It wasn’t thoroughly done, unlike previous smash hits. The result is obviously undercooked and half-baked, but they still managed to survive due to the producers’ extreme creativity. I mean deviation should always be the first option in order not to stagnate. The song structure was ok, I guess you can follow it and it isn’t really that edging or revolutionary. It’s fine. The cohesiveness of the track was a bit lurching, and zoned out. However, I think it was fine that the transitions still did a decent job. Not just that strong.

The mixing, mastering and production was obviously more than brilliant. It was perfect. The instruments were thoroughly engineered and designed in a way that the audiences feel every hit of the drum, every clang of the bell and every cascade of ethnic instrumentation. They really made the song more than enjoyable to listen. Unfortunately, the song is clouded by a plodding cadence. One that is nowhere to be seen or even feel. The rhythm is just bad. The styles Stray Kids’ used turned out to be for the better as it had obviously more of a dramatic and creative punch, rather than to just redo what they did last year. They really did much effort in pushing the Korean backdrop to their hip-hop style. It always works.


It’s kind of a very strong song but just not excellent at all. It falls into the region of near outstanding yet not showing anything worth outstanding. Thunderous might be another grower for me and for everyone of us. I think it is safe to say that Stray Kids should begin to wrap up and give a new flavor of them. Thunderous is joltingly angsty but electrically decrepit.

Rap/Sung Vocals8
Musical Direction7
Song Structure7
Record Mixing10
Song Cadence5
Musical Style8

Rating: 7.75

Producers: Bangchan (3RACHA), HotSauce

Songwriters: 3RACHA, HotSauce