KinKi Kids might have something on their sleeves.

Let’s see what we have here!

Thanks to 108Ent’s amazing review recommendation, I have come back to reviewing J-Pop releases. First up is KinKi Kids’ Un/Pair which was a commercial success that nobody was talking. Hitting #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Japan is no joke these days. KinKi Kids really brings something new to the table. I mean where do we get an R&B-Rock fusion these days?

Un/Pair has a lot of peeling to do before we even decipher the fullest of the song. It’s brilliantly edgy Rock-R&B fusion is unlike any song I’ve heard before. It takes a lot of notes from previous Johnny’s releases of great magnitude. I am just compelled after hearing the beautiful orchestral-lite instrumentation happening in the song. Coupled with its excellent songwriting, and a lot of juxtapositions here and there. It makes common love songs rot to obscurity.

Another main point of Un/Pair is its brilliant sound design, mixing and mastering. The climax of this shows at the end of the first chorus. The clarity of each guitar and its own accentuations are flourishing the song from start to finish. The vocals are perfectly balanced in this mix and it gives a smooth and groovy cadence to it. Johnny’s ability to create amazing songs and perfectly adherent parts are what makes them truly apart from any label I’ve seen. It truly shows on KinKi Kids, as they never sacrifice any part of the song. It makes a rather frequent release worth listening.

In its other parts, the song maintains a strong and exceptional performance on its cadence, structure, and direction. It never makes any unecessary breakdowns or off-kilter sections. I am truly in awe of the song’s rhythmic writing. It is perfect for either a rock song or an R&B groove. It is really interesting how they pulled this off. However, the song’s rather common style on the J-Pop scene and its safe production can sure leave a hint of dismay for many people.


Un/Pair may not be that revolutionary but it shows another side of music I have never heard. Fusions of genres is very interesting to me. The fact that KinKi Kids has pulled off an R&B-Rock fusion of sorts without sacrificing the song’s tempo, creativity and magic is so stunning and awesome to hear at. I hope many groups follow that path. Congratulations to KinKi Kids and I hope many hear this song!

Rap/Sung Vocals9
Musical Direction9
Song Structure9
Record Mixing9
Song Cadence9
Musical Style8

Rating: 8.75

Producers: KinKi Kids

Songwriter: Kohei Dojima