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Billkin is a well known figure in the current pop culture scene. An actor, musician, model, and host of Chinese descent, born in Bangkok, Thailand. He is famously known as Teh in the universally acclaimed boys love series, I Told Sunset About You. I have yet to watch that, forgive me.

IXO is another magnificent and blissful attempt at brass funk. It does the slapping, twice more gallivant than you thought. It is a mind control song that will certainly make you fall in love in seconds. It is a classic masterpiece amongst T-POP releases. I have never seen such ad libitum as this release effuses. It is just perfect.

The song’s lyrics are cliche. Of course I may be hypocritical because I am not Thai and I am certainly not well versed in the linguistics and semantics of such languange. However, as an Asian, I can say that many songs of the region are pretty much awkward and indisposably cheesy when listening. Filipino songs present things like this although just pop songs these days.

However, the song is actually particular on its vocal arrangement and production rather than the execution of said lyrics. The act of Billkin’s chorus is such high of a leap from verses that many listeners might feel strain during the performance, and it does quite show. Nitpicking aside, the actual vision behind the tenacious and audacious vocal package is sharp and brilliant.

The song is so beautifully arranged, and even composed that it allows the proper flow of melody and the fabulous exposition of instruments that build up a beautiful brass section the song has. The song has more soul than what you’d usually get in a release. The quirky synthesizer snaps are vivid, punchy and bubbly.

The string quartet is generous to even give us a proper and full line of excellence. The slap bass does the work like life and death. It is a league above some of the best funk pop we have seen this year. The mixing, style and direction all help the song in a fundamental level. It breathes a new retro flavor that can be only achive in a space-time continuum between the 80s and the present. The clarity of the record is the selling point.


The song is just a sharp perfection in my opinion. It gets things quite wrong in some way, but the record is incredibly staggering, towering and overpowering any criticism or crack. It is a flawless gem in today’s music. It grabs the bets of both world’s and makes them even more gripping, artistic and dramatic. It is a funky, witty and authentic take at one of the most popular trends of the 21st Century. Billkin has done more than enough to prove his amazing artistry on the line.

Rap/Sung Vocals7
Musical Direction10
Song Structure9
Record Mixing10
Song Cadence10
Musical Style8

Rating: 9

Producers: Bukin Puttipong Assaratanakul, Belle Supon Puasirirak

Songwriters: Ping Jirawat Tantranon, Sotinan Chai Lankan