This is deforestedmusic’s The Quarter Report. Every quarter, we present the newest trends, innovations and the top records that defined the past 3 months.

Enjoy the lists for the top Artists, Albums, Songs, B-sides, Music Videos, Performances, TrackScore of the quarter. Plus, a fun new prediction segment, which projects Award Season nominees (only for Daesangs) for the year. Enjoy!


Another quarter has ended yet again. However, this year’s third quarter was rather lukewarm than previous years. We have seen the greatness of one of SHINee’s members yet again; this time, Kibum, known as Key, has dominated the frontier for Korean music and is a big contender leading towards the award circuit. Other good acts in this quarter were ONF, Brave Girls and ONEUS. Together they have somewhat managed to elevate this middling quarter into something more profound.

In other places of the global scene, Japan has faced some problems in its output. While standout releases have come from Hey! Say! JUMP, KinKi Kids, and Miyavi. There have been few middling records, like KAT-TUN featuring AK-69, Kis-My-Ft2, and much more. It is really fascinating to see a trend of mediocre and generic content in this quarter. However, it is certainly far from the worst quarter, as Thailand and some ABC countries have given us certified smash hits. Songs like IXO, My Universe, Love Should Have Two People, Never Have I Ever, and Supercharged seem to keep things perfectly in the center.

This quarter is in the middle between a weak opener of the year and the strong frontload of the summer.

Quarter Rating: 76

Top Artists

1. Brave Girls

2. ONF



5. Key

6. Golden Child

7. Baek Yerin


9. TXT


Top Albums

1. Imaginary (Miyavi)

2. Next Episode (AKMU)

3. Game Changer (Golden Child)

4. Bad Love (Key)


Top Songs

1. Bad Love

Korean, Electronic – Produced by KENZIE; Written by KENZIE & Adrian Mckinnon (SM)


Korean, Hip-Hop – Produced by GALAKTIKA; Written by GALAKTIKA (JYP)

3. New Gravity

Japanese, Rock – Produced by Jeff Miyahara, Johnny Litten, MIYAVI, Yung Spielburg; Written by Jeff Miyahara, Jun, MIYAVI, Leonard Skolnik, Seann Bowe (Sony)

4. After We Ride

Korean, Pop – Produced by JS; Written by Brave Brothers, Maboos, JS (Brave)

5. Baptism of Blues

Korean, Rap – Produced by SCARYP; Written by Lee Gyeong-min, SCARYP (Luminant)

6. FreezyVogue

Korean, Alternative – Produced by LUPANG NOISE; Written by 2TAK, Pinscher, Chivee (THR MUSIC)

7. Gallery

Korean, Pop – Produced by Gusten Dahlqvist; Written by Kebee, Tenzo, PAPERMAKER, Christian Fast, Gusten Dahlqvist, Jes Meinertz (Maroo)

8. Dimples

Korean, Pop – Produced by Lee Gyuho, Woosung; Written by Lee Gyuho, Woosung (Sony)

9. Trigger

Korean, Hip-Hop – Produced by Strong Dragon; Written by Strong Dragon, Cho Yoon-gyeong, So Eunjeong, Harold Philippon (Jellyfish)

10. Close Your Eyes

Korean, R&B – Produced and Written by STARDUST (Chrome)

Top B-sides

1. Fanfare

Artist: Golden Child

2. night flight

Artist: OnlyOneOf

3. Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes

Artist: AKMU

4. Heart Attack


5. Yellow Tape

Artist: KEY

Top Music Videos


Produced by: Na Hanul; Directed by: Yoon Rima, Jang Dongju (ITZY)


3. After We Ride

4. Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes

5. Thunderous

6. New Gravity

7. Love Peace

8. Rather Be

9. Permission To Dance

10. Popping

Top Performances

1. Nemohamo Rumor

2. New Gravity

3. Baptism of Blues

4. Bad Love

5. Popping


7. FreezyVogue

8. Love Peace


10. Take Over

Top TrackScores

1. Bad Love

Score: 94 – Universal Acclaim

2. Popping

Score: 92 – Universal Acclaim

3. Gallery

Score: 90 – Universal Acclaim

4. Red Lipstick

Score: 89 – Widespread Acclaim

5. Dimples

Score: 88 – Widespread Acclaim

6. Life is Beautiful

Score: 87 – Widespread Acclaim

7. Trigger

Score: 87 – Widespread Acclaim

8. After We Ride

Score: 87 – Widespread Acclaim

9. Mega Punch

Score: 87 – Widespread Acclaim

10. After Midnight

Score: 86 – Widespread Acclaim