The 2021 Seoul Music Critics Association Awards is part of the 2021 Awards Circuit Series by the International Asian Music Critics Association (IAMCA). The Awards Circuit Series was established to create a plethora of award shows organized by music critics to fully grasp the different songs and albums that have sparked interested and revolution in the world of music today.

The 2021 Seoul Music Critics Association Awards will commence on November 5, officially starting the biggest association leg of the Awards Circuit. This year, more than 50 music critics from South Korea have voted for the nominations and the awards. We would like to thank IZM, Idology, and many more Korean music critics for giving their time to pick the year’s best. This year’s eligibility period is from November 2, 2020 – October 28, 2021.

Without further ado, let me present this year’s nominees for the Seoul Music Critics Association Awards!

Album of the Year

  • LILAC (IU)
  • Next Episode (AKMU)
  • There is a Wolf (Lang Lee)
  • The Land of Fantasy (JANNABI)
  • Psalms (Jung Jae-il)

Record of the Year

  • Atlantis (SHINee)
  • CHI MAT BA RAM (Brave Girls)
  • LILAC (IU)
  • Permission To Dance (BTS)
  • TDC (Seo Samuel, The Quiett)

Best New Artist

  • aespa
  • weeekly

The winners of the 2021 Seoul Music Critics Association Awards will be announced here on deforestedmusic on November 5, 2021. Stay tuned for the 12th Gayo Music Festival nominees post here tomorrow!