The 2021 Online K-POP Music Critics Association Awards is part of the 2021 Awards Circuit Series by the International Asian Music Critics Association (IAMCA). The Awards Circuit Series was established to create a plethora of award shows organized by music critics to fully grasp the different songs and albums that have sparked interested and revolution in the world of music today.

The 2021 Online K-POP Music Critics Association Awards will be held on November 9, officially ending the Association series of the Critics leg of the Award Circuit. The Online K-POP Music Critics Association is composed of more than 1,000 members from Rate Your Music, and Album of the Year enthusiast rating sites that allow people to critically assess albums and songs. We would like to thank publicly available data from RYM and AOTY that helped build the nominees and winners of this year’s award. This year’s eligibility period is from November 2, 2020 – October 29, 2021.

Without further ado, let me present this year’s winners for the Online K-POP Music Critics Association Awards!

Album of the Year

SHINee's Key on new solo mini-album 'Bad Love': “I finally became 'me'”

Record of the Year

Loving You by YUKIKA

Song of the Year

Bad Love by Key

Best New Artist

PIXY reveal 'Temptation' album comeback schedule | allkpop

Best Pop Release

Loving You by YUKIKA

Best Rock Release


Best Rap Release

Savage by aespa

Well, that seems a wrap. Those are the winners for the 2021 Online K-POP Music Critics Association Awards. Do you think they deserved the prizes? Comment down below and we’ll discuss!

We will see the winners of the 2021 Critics’ Circle on November 13, 10:00AM KST.