Welcome to the first-ever edition of deforestedmusic’s Rapid Review! This is actually the replacement of Rapid TrackSpotlight as it has been very neglected. Rapid Review will not be weekly segment but rather when comebacks stack up. I mean the industry is getting crowded every year. Without further ado, we present the first releases on the first Monday of January 2022!

Kep1er – WA DA DA

Call me crazy! Call me idiotic! Call me deranged! This song is a total knockout of the park in this first day of 2022! I cannot believe how Kep1er managed to bring a very laughable song and turn it around. I really think this is a combination of their talents, charisma and the production. It’s so surreal hearing “Kep 1 going WA DA DA DA” and “Like a vroom vroom vroom going supersonic.” I am just in awe of how they managed to keep their faces straight signing those kindergarten lines. Truly, the kiddification of music.

I am still proud of them no matter how atrociously catastrophic the chorus lyrics were. The glitch-themed synths, production and atmosphere the song gave was more than enough to catapault it back to good territory. I hope Kep1er brings back more power and more excellence the next time around. For now this is a solid debut.

Rating: B-

Personal Score: 8

UP10TION – Crazy About You

Brilliant! Powerful! Spectacular! This is a true surprise of the day for me. UP10TION has managed to beat the amazing SPIN OFF, and blast a powerful R&B song that will surely haunt me for days. Crazy About You was not something I would have expecting something big from. This release swept me in many ways my favorite R&B songs have. This was a phenomenal record, procuring from an amazing vocal line, standout songwriting, impeccable arrangement and a surreal performance from the guys. This is something I would absolutely binge about, listening for days and weeks. This is the best of 2022 already!

Rating: B+

Personal Score: 8.75

P1Harmony – Do It Like This

Is this even P1HARMONY? Do It Like This is a very familiar listening experience. One I have felt before, but turned up to be very mediocre in its essence and even musicality. This is a song that NCT could have done, 2 years ago. However, good praises from P1HARMONY as they embark on a musical session that is just miles better than what would NCT even have done. This is ostensibly the highest praise anyone following the neosound would get. This song is very middling, mediocre and boring, but its enthusiam and catchiness never defaults. It is definitely a song to watch out grow. It’s weird for me to be saying this but I kind of am decent with the song now.

Rating: C+

Personal Score: 7


BOBBIN Like a Fool. Literally, that’s me when listening to the song. This new release from BLITZERS is astronomical and impactful. I cannot even point how the song sucessfully ravages through me. The rap rock structure of BOBBIN is an allegory to the irresistible rapping and composition this song features. The production really stood out to me very quickly. This is a return to form, and possibly even better than their debut song, Breathe Again. Again, BLITZERS never fail to impress me with their lyrics. Individuality is a must for them and the way to do that is to abandon your image to the black mirror. This is really one of the best hip-hop songs of the year already.

Rating: B

Personal Score: 8.25

WOOZI – Ruby

A personal classic from the star producer himself. This is just a gem to everyone who hears it. This is a quintissential example of good songwriting, great composition, standout arrangement and a brilliant performance. WOOZI surely get a nod from me. Ruby is an instant earworm and a radio bop, perfect for any season. The classic american flair really did wonders in making the song even more than just a gem. Of course, I know some people are gonna double down on the supposed westernization of WOOZI, but didn’t he said Bruno Mars is literally one of his main influences in producing? It’s literally not a surprise to get a key from the master. It is a shining and shimmering ruby that stands out instantaneously.

Rating: B

Personal Score: 9

Hyunjun Hur – Let Me Drown

Hyunjun Hur shares with us again. This time more moody and more bloody than ever. I mean if you want to sing something about being drowned it shouldn’t be necessary to create such a strained atmosphere. Unfortunately, the added lethargicness and languidness of the song drains the beautiful lead guitar performance that actually makes the song so much more than just being tired of life. It gives meaning to drowning, it gives reflection to the water surrounding such misery and grief. Sadly, this seems to be a rather misguided approach at angling death. Anyway, its a fine song, but I think it will grow for others.

Rating: C

Personal Score: 5.75

Overall Thoughts

Well. That was all there was today, January 3, 2022. I mean not bad, it was actually better than expected. I did not expect to be giving so much Bs today, especially K-POP is lacking in that tier, so this was a welcome surprise. Surely, I hope this will continue to propel more songs to be actually good hits. Not just songs for the sake of release. We want songs that stand on its artistic merit alone. A song that triumphs musicality over commercial performance. We want a song that could encapsulate the year for us. I hope the industry listens and takes note.

This has been a pleasant day! I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews and I guess see you soon!