ENHYPEN dives deep to their story and find out the answers.

Let’s see what we have here!

ENHYPEN is back today with their first ever repackaged album, DIMENSION: ANSWER. Blessed-Cursed is a trap-infused punk rock release that features a killer chorus and a sleek visual representation of ENHYPEN’s answer to their beginnings. Blessed-Cursed has great lyrics providing an almost artistic field to their Dark Moon universe. It rests on the feeling of just moving along the events of their existence. Forgetting the consequences and accepting who they truly are. It is another retrospect to their underlying universal themes of self-acceptance, isolationism and expression. I could say with confidence however, that this is certainly below my expections. ENHYPEN has done better and should have pressed more for this special comeback.

FRANTS has made a conscious decision here. The vertebrae of the track is not the howling electric guitars nor the eccentric drums or lack thereof. It is basically the lamest style they could have given ENHYPEN. Trap. I hate trap. You know so much how the critics have been annoyed by this constant insuferrable lethargicness that trap brings. The underlying foundation makes the song hollow, unartistic and empty. It seems like ENHYPEN was performing with a hole in their souls while doing this comeback. The embarrasing part of this, is they tried basically to copy a certain style of production while bringing a certain flair that was never before experimented. Obviously, it failed as that style was never going to bring about any benefits anyway.

ENHYPEN’s vocal performance is always intimidating. Of course many critics have pointed out how their style is marred with vocal processing and autotune. However, I think the usage of it in this release was well thought out. Just like their three previous titles, it just works so well. It also served as the pivotal hook point in their chorus which signified the audacious growl of the member in facing their circumstances. I have to say FRANTS, get a credit for writing a proper melodic chorus that is pretty impactful and memorable. The chorus and post-chorus definitely are what saved the song from their own demise.

The arrangement is frustrating to say the least. I cannot be more harsh and say this is the most mediocre performance their arrangers have done, ever. It wasn’t just how bad the execution of the trap fusion was. It was paired with inherent flaws that prevented such track to be better in the long run. The basic, stoic and defaced energy lingers in every corner of this track. It just never escapes into good energy. It seems that the drums are heavily missing and are too weak for the song. It just annoys me how ridiculous this is. What the hell happened?


2:50. Is HYBE, the master of baiting now? Is HYBE, the master of making cheap production tricks just to increase streaming numbers? That number right there tells you how the music industry is getting so full of itself, it forces to cram artistic expression in a mere 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Art isn’t supposed to be compressed and capitalized for profits. It is supposed to enrich lives, uplift souls and criticize norms. This isn’t the way to do things. ENHYPEN can honestly be better than this. Unfortunately, their producers have been uninspired by the moment. One last thing too, where is the creative freedom??? What happened? ENHYPEN should be given the right to make their own songs.

Blessed-Cursed is messy, lackluster and regretful. Fortunately, the chorus is enthralling, enthusiastic and gripping. The lyrics are masterful at its core and gives life to their universe, very well. The direction is infuriating and disastrous. Blessed-Cursed is a song that is literally blessed and cursed.

How about you? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below!

Rap/Sung VocalsC+

Rating: C

Personal Score: 6

Producers: Wonderkid, FRANTS, Shinkung

Songwriters: Wonderkid, FRANTS, LIL 27 CLUB, Ronnie Icon, Shinkung, Cazzi Opeia, Alexander Karlsson, Charlotte Wilson, Jacob Aaron, Tim Tan, Ciara Muscat, Bang Shi-hyuk, SOFTSERVEBOY, Woraway Deeudomchan, SQVARE, Gabriel Brandes