This is actually the replacement of Rapid TrackSpotlight as it has been very neglected. Rapid Review will not be weekly segment but rather when comebacks stack up. I mean the industry is getting crowded every year.

woo!ah! – Catch The Stars

woo!ah! definitely surprised me with Catch the Stars. Their previous songs haven’t stuck with me and I have to be honest, I forgot about them. Catch the Stars starts 2022 with a ball of eclectic energy and pop perfection. Catch the Stars is definitely a song that transcends time and longevity. The feel good vibe of the song is building more and more as it ends. No part of the song felt redundant repetitive or undercooked, the emotional backing of the song and its nostalgic expression really felt like a sigh of fresh air at the music industry.

Rating: B+

Personal Score: 8.75

ONEWE – Universe_

Universe_ is an emotional song that rings a sour tone when you listen to it. It makes you feel something sad and heartbreaking. The growl of the guitars, the twinkling electric instrumentation and the authenticity of ONEWE shines its best in this reflective journey. The personality of ONEWE never slips away when you listen to the song and you will definitely remember it. Rock ballads aren’t usually my thing but this one is very good at what it does to the listener.

Rating: B

Personal Score: 8

OMEGA X – Love Me Like

This is basic moombahton for starters. I mean Love Me Like might as well have been released in 2021 and I wouldn’t care at all. But something about this song intrigues me. Something just feels so damn right and perfect about this song. I don’t know if it’s the howling synthline sample but it is hooking me on lock. I have to confess, I did play this one on repeat. This is just OMEGA X’s best song to date. I’m happy that even it’s basic, and overdone, they did understand the assignment.

Rating: C+

Personal Score: 7.75

WJSN CHOCOME – Super Yuppers!

Super Yuppers! is a fantastic way to get the bar of Korean music high enough. I cannot believe that this release is better than the amazing, Catch the Stars. I had that on repeat for a few times, and this one feels more creative, revolutionary and just authenticly wacky. I love my dose of pop to be big, bold and bright. WJSN CHOCOME surprises the new year with this legendary release. The chorus is slaptasciously ebullient. The bridge is an iconic emotional phase and a dramedy of sorts. Truly, keeps getting better. 2022 is a very interesting year.

(Fun fact, Changmin from 2AM composed the song. That’s interesting…)

Rating: A-

Personal Score: 9


TRENDZ is a debut from Interpark Music (the famous distributor of nugu groups). Hmm, well TNT is generic and basic. It tries to take off from the chorus and it actually kind of lifts off well, I pretty much just liked the chorus and the song as a whole is very bland and empty without it. The dark boy group bridge is present but I think the usage of adlibs helped much of the song to take off. Aside from that this is basically a typical radio friendly song (by that I mean its pretty repeatable for me) but its basic and uninspiring at times.

Rating: C+

Personal Score: 7


AleXa is a very interesting artist. She does try to experiment and it comes out as half-baked and sometimes close to hitting the nail in the coffin. TATTOO is basic, boring and generic. No offense, but where are those big and bombastic synths, bass and maximalist styles? I think we might not hear them anytime sooner. Great thing is that despite TATTOO is very ubiquitous, it is her most cohesive song and the melodic topline also works well too. AleXa is a growing artist and only we can wish for more music coming from her.

Rating: C

Personal Score: 6.75

Eric Nam – Lost On Me

Lost On Me is Eric Nam’s second major title track after 2019’s Runaway. Lost On Me is actually a decent song. I mean it is kind of a radio slob, more or less, songs in this new decade are really going to be in that territory as the music industry is getting more and more comnmercialized. The lyrics of this one is kind of something between the lines of heartbreak and regret. Love is surely the most common topics for a song these days. But I guess Eric Nam’s interpretation of it is very personal and soulful. There is a blend of catharsis and recollection between the production of the song and its musical direction. I appreciate Eric Nam’s effort.

Rating: B-

Personal Score: 7.5

What did you think about the songs I reviewed today? Were they good? Bad? Or decent? Comment down below and we’ll discuss. Until next time then!