Taeyeon envies all of us.

Let’s see what we have here!

I’ve long missed Taeyeon’s sound. Unfortunately, Can’t Control Myself as a pre-release had me expecting lower for Taeyeon’s own single INVU, but I heavily envy Taeyeon’s performance is INVU. The atmospheric aural bliss from hearing the track’s instrumentals, house production and her standout vocals, knocked me and I can’t stop hearing it.

I guess this review will be shorter than usual. INVU is Taeyeon’s strongest written song in a while and might be SM’s most thematically cohesive. Taeyeon strongly speaks about the full love she’s been giving this person but she understands it will not work, and so she envies for them. It might be your traditional breakup song, but the lingering ting of empathy and care Taeyeon gave to the song, really pulls it to a much more artistic core. It feels bitter but it’s medicine for an otherwise catastrophic relationship.

I don’t know who PhD is, but they surely were the perfect producer for this. The ambient almost ethereal experience you get from this song transcends the listening experience, and that is almost hard to achieve in an otherwise simple but well done songwriting that built this release. I don’t usually like airy performances but something about this just makes me stay with it. It might be because of Taeyeon’s impeccable vocal performance, which was fully utilized by this song. The adlibs weren’t as good as what Taeyeon usually does but that’s the fault of the producer, and I guess I didn’t notice it that much.

As you can see I’m head over heels for this song, however, the lackluster chorus writing all carried by the production isn’t really boding well for this song. I guess no matter how I love something, a lackluster chorus will always be noticed. If they had just added some rhythmic lyrics and intelligent songwriting, we would have gotten a more impactful and unique song.


INVU is what atmospheric recordings should exude; sensibility, fragility and sleekness. I am very impressed by this song and I think it is a real standout of the year already, aside from the blockbuster January we’ve been treated. Props to Taeyeon and the production team, they didn’t falter and I just love it.

How about you? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below!

Rap/Sung VocalsA

Rating: A-

Personal Score: 8.5

Producer: PhD

Songwriters: Full8loom, Peter Wallevik, Daniel Davidsen, Rachel Furner, Jess Morgan, PhD