WONHO is ready to seduce us once more with his eyes.

Let’s see what we have here!

EYE ON YOU is a trance track about obsession, lust, and losing sanity. I mean, this is as WONHO as it can be, it is just quintissential WONHO. I am honestly, quite surprised as to what this track brings to the table. I did not expect WONHO to do a trance release, because no one even think about my favorite genre these days. EYE ON YOU never fails and it just makes you dangerously obssessed with the song itself.

The theme of this comeback is very dialectical. As human psyche breaks down over a want, it becomes a need, and it just progresses to be a matter of life and death. The execution of the lyrics are very simple, but there lingers a sense of insecurity, despair and anxiety. I think WONHO manages to capture that in his performance very well. You can see in his eyes, the authenticity of the performance and the depth of this song. It’s just amazing how clever WONHO is at making music.

The deep trance bass and the overall arrangement of this song is so fantastic. It tickles your sense, makes you desire what you don’t usually want, and it just enters your system like a drug wanting to kill you. It is very muddy, wet and ethereal. The WONHO touch is simply everywhere in this song, and I am just thoroughly impressed with how WONHO’s musical direction never falters but keeps reinventing itself. You simply cannot find a more consistent soloist in Korea than WONHO.

I have to say this track is very strong, and I didn’t expect to be bewildered by such release. However, I do understand why some people might get their eyes rolling on this one. The simplicity of this track is mundane to some, borderline basic to others. That really has something to do with preference anyways, but it’s a nitpick that does little to hinder how magnanimously ardent WONHO is to push this good dark music.


EYE ON YOU is a very sumptuous delicacy. One that kills but makes you feel alive. It’s a recording that simply just works, and you don’t even notice how immediate it enchants you. WONHO is a very talented artist, who has a direction, vision and idea that simply needs to be said and done. He is never afraid to show what it is. At the end of the day, he succeeds.

How about you? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below!

Rap/Sung VocalsA-

Rating: A-

Personal Score: 8.5

Producers: WONHO, ENAN, Sun Ahn

Songwriters: WONHO, ENAN, Sun Ahn, Brother Su