I’ve came back from eternal damnation.

SUHO – Grey Suit

Suho’s Grey Suit is a warm and sensitive song. It knows itself very well, it weaves the emotional soul of its existence to the listener very well. The authenticity of Suho shines throughout the song. It’s a very personal one I can feel. It does falter at some moments to being too average for the occasion but it stands out where it is.

Rating: B

Personal Score: 8

BIGBANG – Still Life

BIGBANG’s Still Life is blooming with lyrical exaltation. BIGBANG’s last release, Flower Road really became one of my favorite songs of 2018. For what it is, Still Life is actually better than Flower Road as it gives enormous freedom and livery to the colorful message of BIGBANG to everyone in their journey. I might not like all of their songs, but this one is truly a good one.

Rating: B

Personal Score: 8

ILY:1 – Love In Bloom

Tropical music. That truly is this song. Tropical music at its blanket term. It is generic, fine, and surprisingly tenacious. Love In Bloom has elements of what you’d find in a debut song, a big splash of electronic production, urgent arrangement, and a very bright soundscape. It’s appreciative that they preferred to go on this bright route. Unfortunately, we have heard too many of these iterations that it feels too much at this moment. Still, its a decent debut.

Rating: C+

Personal Score: 7


I AM ADDICTED. IVE’s Love Dive is one of those legendary Korean songs written in a frivolous and chaotic timeline. The ethereal production and soothing vocals of IVE make this a hypnotizing agent far more mesmerizing and lingering than ELEVEN. The mixing and mastering of this song is perfect, it utilizes the right amount and blend of masterful songwriting and ingenious musical direction. The chorus is iconic, blistering with passion and thought. It’s a true love dive.

Rating: A-

Personal Score: 8.5


GHOST9’s X-RAY is off-kilter. X-RAY is exactly what I find in a good electronic release, except for the disappointing outro. The intro boasts a fatty and strong bass, the instrumentation continues until the magnificent pre-chorus, replaced by the more dynamic K-Pop arrangement, the chorus is fantastic. The chorus blends as what Umu from ReacttotheK said, INFINITE and GHOST9. It is in that setting that the hook of X-RAY is one of the most decadent I’ve seen in the year.

The problem lies in the seemingly mediocre production of this sound. The song feels like what 100 million other boygroups would do. It’s extremely apathetic, dull and just plain. Anyway, I still listen to this song like there’s no tomorrow.

Rating: B

Personal Score: 8.75


ONEW YOU CAN TAKE ME. This is what I’ve been missing for a few days now. I’m glad I started writing today, ONEW you saved me today. Dice is a wondefully soothing and tranquilizing song. Sometimes, I wonder when will other people release chill, and laid down synthpop, I guess this is one of those days. I think Dice will be on my repeat playlist for many days. This is just synthpop perfection. I can finally relax.

Rating: A-

Personal Score: 8.75

EPEX – Anthem of Teen Spirit

It’s a song that “criticizes how schools exploits young children”. The chorus is just click click bang bang i don’t know if you are a car or a human any more.


Personal Score: 0


DREAMCATCHER IS BACK. I am pleased to hear an excellent DREAMCATCHER song after years of waiting, I guess the pandemic really did affect songwriting in a major way. Maison is a blockbluster, imediately off the gate to attack and gnaw at you. The combination of rock opera and experimentation is so on brand of DREAMCATCHER. The chorus is impeccable, it is a beast. The instrumentation is livid, protruding and just invincible. This is just music to my ears.

Rating: A

Personal Score: 9

DKZ – Cupid

I apologize to DONGIZ for neglecting them in how many years, I actually only discovered them in 2020 through All I Need Is You. I never knew their discography would be a pop enigma. Now, that DKZ has risen from the ashes it is time to give them their dues. Cupid is a well-written song, it is urgent, nostalgic, and earnest. I love the vocal performance of this song, it feels like a culmination of something big, and grand. Cupid is really the perfect song to release after the hit Korean miniseries’ Semantic Error featuring the group’s own Jaechan.

Rating: A-

Personal Score: 8.75


I appreciate JESSI so much, I mean she is one tenacious artist. What Type of X was a big song amongst critics, and NUNU NANA was a commercial hit. JESSI has it all, now she tries the more unattempted arrangement from American rap artists. The chorus of this song is fine, it isn’t bad, it isn’t good. It delivers what it wants in 15 seconds and that’s it. The song is more refined and more cooked than the chorus to be honest.

Rating: B-

Personal Score: 7.5

What did you think about the songs I reviewed today? Were they good? Bad? Or decent? Comment down below and we’ll discuss. Until next time then!

It’s also election time in the Philippines. Excuse me as I endorse and urge my fellow Filipino readers to please vote for Leni Robredo! In an honest government, we shall see a better life for all.