The death of the chorus is on the brink of completion. The force of Nayeon might be able to save it.

Let’s see what we have here!

We have now come to the era that arrangements, songwriting, and production have came to the stage where the conditions for orthodox chorus writing have gone. It has been building to this moment for years, now it has finally reached its peak, and influence in the music scene. No longer are we hearing melody-centric hooks, structured and calculated sounds, and the vocal exceptionalism usually brought front and center by the chorus. We have came to the new age of music: hooks are one liners, repetitive, chained to the instrumental, the instrumental chained to the autocratic anarchy of noise. 2022 has started strong and now languishes in the toughest drought we have ever seen. It seems the end of the chorus.

POP by Nayeon miraculously slays all the modernity, with tradition. It embraces tradition, and squashes modernity vigourously, loudly, and piously. Starting with a grand arrangement signalling a renaissance of long lost Broadway vibes, it captures you with nostalgia, and eloquence. The arrangement is maximalist yet minimalist. An oxymoron of the new and the modern, you realize it isn’t exactly a resounding old song, it is overtly short, yet sesquipedalian. The mix of brass, guitars, drums, cowbells, and that long lost melody they found in a haystac,k like a needle; it just gets on to you. This is a perfect counter-revolution to the noise terrorism.

This song is just a slap to the new rookies in the area, and the veterans. What’s happening to the industry is just all wiped into memory, as Pop makes it so effortless, yet so hard to create a decent song. A song where you get where it wants you to go. A song that blooms effortlessly, with empathy, and with passion. It seems like a phantasm but is reality. I have to say Kenzie did magic here, and to LDN Noise, I am impressed they dabbled in a territory not really taken by them.


This is song of the summer. This is also a legendary debut, a debut you will never forget. I am so flabbergasted at Nayeon, and her team; they literally saved Korean pop music.

How about you? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below!

Rap/Sung VocalsS-

Rating: A+

Personal Score: 9

Producers: LDN Noise

Songwriters: KENZIE, LDN Noise