In the world of injustice, even love is forbidden.

Let’s see what we have here!

Happy Pride to everyone! Our community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, intersex, asexuals, aromantics, and the countless other humans on the spectrum, has always been faced with discrimination, unrest, and hatred. As a cisgendered, aromantic, bisexual man I’ve always faced a lot of bullying, and even depression for who am I, hell I didn’t even accept who am I, until recently. begin is the willingness to restart a relationship blocked by society. Love as sacred as it is stated in countless religions and beliefs, is ironically just for straight people. Not surprising since our world is always and has been patriarchal, hierarchical, and inegalitarian.

begin is YooJung’s lullaby to everyone that suffers from the shackles of same-sex relationships. It is a magestic prose for those unconscious and just want to end everything they had for that person. begin is a statement that a person is always ready for you, no matter how prejudiced everyone is. I am really emotional when songs are like this. It hits me personally, and just frees me from the shackles of the wicked world. It reminds me that I am not alone, and that there would always be a person ready to accept who am I, and ready to begin again.

The maximalist production of this recording is blissful. It blasts like a freed bird trapped for a hundred years, and yet has that minimalistic depth you’d never expect. A stoic joy that never leaves you unsatisfied, but leaves you thinking, wishing for something like this and retrospective of everything you have experienced. begin is a coming of age moment for the listener, accomplishing enlightenment that’s depressing but celebratory. The voice of YooJung fullfils the nuance the song aims to deliver across, it is an authentic song explicitly for the lost and an ode to “darkness.”


I am actually bawling listening to this masterful piece. OnlyOneOf and YooJung never fail to miss a single artistic opportunity to bloom, and blossom. From savanna to begin, they start again, reinventing the wheel every moment. I am going to be very biased to my personal rating but I think this is something I would always listen, as my depressed ass didn’t know it needed this.

How about you? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below!

Rap/Sung VocalsS-

Rating: S

Personal Score: 10

Producers: Nap!er, KB, Nine

Songwriters: Haeil, J.Yung, Nap!er, KB, Nine