Drunk-Dazed is a psychedelic synth pop song about 7 kids exploring the auspicious and seemingly exciting world of intoxication and freedom. ENHYPEN is back and folks they have been stronger than ever. This psychotic and traumatising song is just gripping on its own way. The autotune was such a brilliant idea for them as it just captured such crossfaded nature when intoxicated. It is such a strong song.

Let’s see what we have here!


Have you been ever addicted? This song is clearly for all of youth that has been enjoying ascending towards that high nature and the feeling of greatness and ecstatic elevations. ENHYPEN nails the message of this amazing song as they, themselves are representatives of the new generation. In an era where conservative states newly become liberals and open themselves to a new level of progressiveness, people experience new found troubles, success and problems. It certainly is clear what problem they are trying to avoid.

Bang Shi-hyuk is truly a mastermind in liberal philosophy and avant-garde styles even in music. He has yet again proven to me that he really will dance with the devil and ascend up the heavens to give his groups the best of the best. Albeit, this is without criticism, there is something so off about this. The emotions seem so out of place even in Korea. The emotions sometimes go off in a very different arena than what was expected. That honestly shocked me. Props to HYBE for thinking outside of the box for this one.


Autotune? I know a lot of critics here hate that word or vocal processing as a whole. But I love it in this song. Yes call me stupid, idiotic or a delusional asslicker but, no. This song really conveyed what such intoxication results to your voice. It is slurred, electronic and sometimes incomprehensible. The vocal synthesis here is just amazing and phenomenal for me.

Experimental sounds were really omnipresent in this song. Use of such hard-hitting and soul wrenching bass, plus that unbelievable hallucinating synth pad is just nothing short of a headache. The bridge just surprised me in a whole new level of composition. It is tremendously goosebumping, and emotionally head hitting. I just love this record and how it was directed.

Criticism, are always on the auto-tune. I actually will be frank at first I wasn’t sold on the fact that auto-tune is really applied on all sides of this song. But as I always say, let’s not do double standards here and instead properly analyse why and in what way they used it. Also some parts of this song is really ear wrenching if you are not ready so be on the lookout. I just love how it cripples me and makes me so in awe. I am just shocked.


The production was very constraint at this one, I really didn’t like how absolutely tight and suffocating it was. It was like being gritted in such a soft spot but being uncomfortable by your surroundings. It is just so unequivocally irritating but at the same time enchanting. It really gave me a hard time on this song to be honest. I really feel too many instruments were used.

Mixing and mastering was great. Albeit not the best or anything legendary, that periodic bass sonic pierce during the chorus surprised me as I am just in awe on how that sound wasn’t permanently damaging my ear and how it was so gritty but not bombing my head. It was just a weird but pleasing decision. I don’t know about the others. I certainly liked it.


This is certainly, better than Given-Taken. Their debut was safe but promising to me. Drunk-Dazed takes them to an another level with such a psychologically freaking song. It is like being faced with a psychopath that tears you apart without you being able to know it at all. It is just exhilarating, fascinating and overall cacophonic. It was so piercing to my soul but it gave me a lesson. It was just a strong song. I expect critics to hate it because of autotune and all other HYBE related reasons but I love it. It is an epitome of pop experimentation.

Rating: 8.75

Note: due to me being so biased in ENHYPEN I really added +0.25 to this song. I just love it.

TrackScore: TBD

Producers: Wonderkidd, Bang Shi-hyuk

Songwriters: Bang Shi-hyuk, LIL 27 CLUB, Michel Schulz, Melanie Fontana, Wonderkidd