TXT’s new single Blue Hour has been just released lately, and it is getting a lot of attention. From reaching 7M views in 24 hours, #1 in iTunes in over 30+ regions, and a lot of radio and TV play in South Korea. It has been received pretty well by the general K-pop fans.

What does the critics have to say?

Blue Hour is undoubtedly good and well written. It just suffers from the utter vocal processing.


Blue Hour is fun, energetic and very enjoyable.


The ace of the song is undoubtedly TXT themselves. TXT is one of the few groups that properly feel like they are going for that teen market.


Who doesn’t love a good groove? [and] If we were judging tracks by that merit. Blue Hour is an easy success.


My thoughts on Blue Hour is on the same par of those critics, but I have to say TXT have and again outdone themselves. The songwriting is straightforward and compels the average listener to go and groove along the lines of ‘Cuz of imagination’ and ‘Cuz’ it’s you, you’re the one that I want.’ It is an easy 10/10 for me.

The record is a breath of gust and hyper wind that wrecks me in such a nice an easygoing way. The aces of Blue Hour are it’s non typical production. Which is the factor that plays in the sheer creativity and brillance of these artists. They are healing artists.

Rating: 8 out of 10.